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Update from St. Germain
2005 06 08

thru Mike Quinsey

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Some of you feel that not much is really happening to push forward the changes that are manifesting. I often tell you that there is so much more taking place at our level than you could possibly imagine. Meetings are held with all interested parties that are involved in the changes, and we are updated on the progress of our allies and the plans of the dark. We receive your petitions and prayers and are fully aware of the increase in your consciousness and desire to see positive changes upon Earth.

Our forces are ready for the next stage in our contact with you, and again their activities are monitored and subject to change as we observe what is occurring on Earth. I would remind you that there are millions of ships involved in the various tasks that will see First Contact start very soon. There are those that are in the advance party, and they will arrive in full sight as soon as they can openly greet you. As events move on and a new government is put in place, so will many craft appear for the next phase in direct contact with many groups that are prepared for their arrival. The task is enormous, but their resources are equal to it, and much activity will commence.

The cleansing of your planet is a priority, while other phases of our plan are begun. We have to move quickly so that we have the confidence and support of the people and are seen to carry out our promises. Their will be no lack of information given so that everyone can be aware of what is taking place We will use your traditional medium for making news available, but even that will be advanced in course of time. Part of the plan is to give you the means of advancement that have been denied to you over the last century. The final aim is to move you onto the path that will directly lead to Ascension, for which you must be prepared,

Apart from those of you who avidly follow developments, there may be a feeling that more could be done for you. I say that at every stage your development has been followed and influenced by us. In fact, over a relatively short period in comparison with your many lives upon Earth, you have successfully come through times of near total catastrophe. Indeed not just once, but a number of times. At the end of the last century, you moved on to open up an opportunity to ascend, having considerably increased your consciousness to the point that this greater opportunity was created. This has brought you to where you are today, as you finally prepare for the greatest upliftment in your consciousness that you have ever experienced.

Almost without you noticing it you have been so active in raising your consciousness, that you have been taking back control of yourself and your future. Yes, there is a plan but there have always been a number of realities to cover whatever path you chose to follow. Freedom of choice is yours, but it is not an open choice as you must be fully prepared if you are to enter the reality you have chosen. If your vibrations were too low, you clearly could not enter a reality that was higher, as both must be compatible. The truth is that although a higher level may sound attractive to you, if you were out of place it would be extremely uncomfortable.

It will undoubtedly occur to some of you that when you are out of your physical bodies that you have visited the higher dimensions. These occasions happen where their vibrations are temporarily raised for them to enable such a visit, and they would usually be accompanied by a Higher Being. These could be looked upon as teaching experiences, and they are not at all unusual. Some of you still have waking memories of such experiences, and they do leave a very strong impression. Such experiences during your sleep period, are much more common than you could imagine, and I can assure you that most of you visit the higher realms during your sleep. You will understand that dreams are sometimes actual experiences of this kind, and you often visit your loved ones. Can you now see why you have a positive feeling that they are still alive and are around you?

The arrangement of your lives and experiences is not left to chance, but carefully planned. Allow yourselves to indulge in your fancies that you can contact those loved ones that have passed on, and you will find that you will open a channel that will allow it to occur. It comes back to the power of thought, and you use it without realizing how much you have. If you think of this on a larger scale, see how much more powerful you are when you come together to meditate or pray. To be affective it must however come from the heart, as repetitive prayers do not carry the same energy. Think then of the collective consciousness of Humanity and you will understand how much more power you have. It is on this level that you now bring peace into manifestation, and your Light shines out magnificently for all Heaven to see.

Dear Ones, you must not lose sight of what you really are, because as beings of Light you are indestructible and your life is infinite. What is happening now is just one more step on the path to your return to the Godhead; it is the beginning of a great experience, not the end. The hard work has nearly been completed, and never again will you need to enter duality. It is your graduation and the time rapidly approaches for wonderful celebrations. If I said do not take events on Earth too seriously, it would be because in reality it is only a passing phase and will end shortly regardless of what happens. As hard as it may be to contemplate, it is a great show of play acting in its final act and the curtain is soon to come down.

I am St. Germain, and if I am light hearted it is because I see the glory in your victory you have already won. Take a moment to bathe in the tremendous Love being sent to you, wrap it around yourself and know you are safe and protected. I love you all, for I see you that you are All One, we are inseparable.

Thank you St. Germain.

Mike Quinsey

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