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Starseeds II - The Warrior
2005 06 27

By Michael Sharp |

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In a previous article I spoke about the nature and function of starseeds. In that article I pointed out that in reality, we are all starseeds. We are all spiritual travelers and we have all come to this earth to perform a specific creative function. The only thing that distinguishes one from the other, besides the body we inhabit, is the time we have spent on this earth. Some of us been here “from the beginning” of this ascension experiment and some of us have arrived more recently arrived. But no matter where we came from or how long we been here, we all talented, powerful, capable ascension workers and we all have specific creative tasks to perform. Keep this in mind as you read this article because in writing this article I do not want to privilege any single group of starseeds or make out one group as being “less than” another. This is not true. We are all equal (though we may have different talents) and we are all powerful and experienced in the jobs we do.

With that said, in this article I would like to talk about a special group of starseeds know to Immortal Spirit as Warriors. What are spiritual warriors? Well warriors, in a spiritual sense, are not like what most of us would understand as warriors. They are not mercenaries and they do not run around with swords killing evil or fighting the enemy for some president or tyrant. Warriors for spirit are not violent in any way and do not participate in the earth bound dualities that we have lived with for so long. Rather, spiritual warriors represent the truth with a capital “T”. Warriors stand for the truth and fight to bring out the truth in things. Technically, warriors are specially trained spiritual beings who have developed a heightened ability to discern truth and to identify it. The most highly trained warriors can see the truth a mile away, in total darkness, and with their eyes shut tight.

For those of you interested, warriors’ issue forth on the twelfth ray that is commonly associated in with the archangel Michael (the angel who carries the sword). Warriors are also associated with the eagle or the spear (i.e., in native cultures) and other symbols of penetrating vision.

Now I suppose at this point you are asking what the function of the warrior in creation is. Well, a warrior’s basic function is memory. Warriors go around reminding those of us who forget about the nature of truth, the nature of creation, and the nature of Spirit. It is that simple.

Memory or remembrance is an important function at all levels of creation but it is particularly important on this earth where we have agreed to work beneath a veil (i.e., The Veil) in order to accomplish our ascension goals. It is also particularly important at this time in the unfolding of The Plan because now that our ascension work is done, we are a being called upon to wake up and remember the truth about ourselves and our creative tasks. Because we are all receiving this wake up call, warrior starseeds have come here in force to help us all wake up and see the truth about ourselves, our roles, and this creation. For those of you interested, this is all explained, along with information on additional starseed roles, and the general purpose of life on this earth, in detail in my Book of Life: Ascension and the Divine World Order and the follow up to that The Dossier of the Ascension: A Practical Guide to Chakra Activation and Kundalini Awakening.

You can always recognize a spiritual warrior. They are the ones that always seem to see through to the heart of things in order to uncover the deeply buried truths. Warriors are silent, in general, but speak out aggressively when they hear lies. Warriors cut through the fluff and see through to the core. The sharp swords and spears that they carry pierce the darkness with ease and their vision flies high like the soaring eagle, able to take in the entire expanse and reflect it back at us for our own discernment and awakening. It is a beautiful function and when executed by a master, it can literally change your life in an instant.

As noted above, there are lots of warriors out there now as we wind our way into the home stretch of this ascension drama. At this point in history, it is the job of the warrior to cut through all the lies and misdirection on this planet and reveal the truth about all things from government to corporation, individual to collectivity. Warriors are pretty much everywhere right now. They have infiltrated from factory floor to corporate head office and their energy is, at this very moment, pressing forward on all of us so that we might remember and see the truth.

You can see the results of their work all around you as more and more governments, corporations, and bureaucracies become racked with scandal and swallowed up with change. In my hometown, our civic government’s misuse of taxpayer’s money is being rapidly exposed. In my country, Canada, our Liberal government is hanging on to power by a thin thread. Their corrupt corporate dealings and nefarious backroom deals continue to be exposed to the glaring light of day. And this is happening in the corporate world as well thought it is still not getting a lot of media attention (at least in my country). But that will change as the warriors in media get their signal to begin work and they begin to provide the energetic support for revelation on this earth.

The work of the warriors and their impact on this earth and the souls who inhabit it is only going to accelerate as they continue to step fully into their strength and energy. Your own experience of the warrior’s energy will be a positive or negative experience depending on your openness to the truth. When a warrior crosses your path and you are touched by their energy, you will either face the truths of yourself or you will resist and deny. If you face your truths (whether they be positive or negative), your experience with the warrior energy will be uplifting and enchanting. You will move rapidly forward and begin to remember your true power and glory. The most powerful of warriors can lift you into the light faster and with more efficiency than you every thought possible.

However, if you have buried a lot of shame and guilt, or if you fear judgment and damnation for your “sins”, your experience of the warrior’s energy will be unpleasant. You will try and resist the energy but, because the energy is so powerful, you will find yourself sweating and denying, pulling at your collar, squirming uncomfortably in your seat, and otherwise making it obvious to the world around you that you have something to hide.

Try not to kick yourself over it. If you aren’t ready to face your demons and your fears the first few times you experience the warriors energy, its OK. You will have several opportunities in the months and short years ahead and you will eventually succeed in opening up. That much is guaranteed. If you like, you can speed up your own process and avoid much of the unpleasantness of the experience by working on finally and totally ejecting any shame and guilt that you might feel for the things that you have done. You have to understand that the warriors do not come as police and God does not stand in judgment of your sins. There is no day of reckoning and no final judgment. Nobody wants you to remember so that they can point fingers.

The point of all this end-times activity is simply to awaken you to your true glory, light, and power.

So don’t worry so much about the things you’ve done or the people you may have hurt or all the other crazy stuff we’ve all done to survive on this earth. The time for all that is done. If you want to get past it all with ease and grace, when the Warriors come, don’t count the positives and negatives.

Nobody is interested and nobody is keeping a ledger. Just face the truth, turn towards Spirit and rejoice.

Our work is done.

Our time is now.


We are all Sparks of the One God.

We are all pure light.

We are all love incarnate.



Michael Sharp

Michael Sharp is a conscious channel, empath and New Age writer. His first book entitled The Book of Life: Ascension and the Divine World Order (ISBN: 0973537906) is a complete handbook on the New Age and provides all the information that you need in order to orient and understand the increasingly dramatic changes unfolding around you. Read all about Michael's critically acclaimed work.

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