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Clarification + The Transfer and The New Earth
Clarification for the message
2005 06 14

by Rebeka Michaels |

On June 08 2005 I transcribed a message regarding The Transfer and The New Earth. I sent this to 10 people, my closest personal friends who have been involved in this process with me, and trusted e-friends. My intention was to hear the questions that presenced so I could have a gauge of where each is in relation to the overall phase or Shift. I was especially interested in the emotional/mental “buttons” the contents/context would evoke, as well as the response or reaction with the energy of this message. I also Knew that each person represents a ‘segment’ so to speak of the general consciousness, semi-consciousness and Awakening peoples in america. I feel it is potent to address these concerns and questions for the overall perspectives of the readers.

The overall concern/reaction/question was in regards to Earth. Why does there have to be total destruction when so many of us believe we can/will create another reality. This question was addressed and most will not hear it the first couple of reads. Actually this has several parts in answer and they are all in this text, AND due to the extreme, potent, deep, eons long and great-great love we have for Earth, most are going to have to move through the emotional process of release on varying levels before they will have Eyes to See and Ears to Hear (as The Magdalen often says in regards to Illuminating Information presented). Once one releases the emotions from eons of devotion for our Earth, it is easy to Understand and be in Bliss for this Phase or Process we are moving into and then most certainly as the result---being able to live in paradise! There are two physical earths or terras or gaias….however one wants to address the planet.

We started this concept over 20 years ago. We created every type of ideal environment we enjoy. There is extreme diversity there and all in Harmony. The deserts are close to the oceans which are close to the rainforests which are close to the snow areas…. all in Harmony because there is no other reason which exists there. We created Paradise. About 2 or so years ago (at least for me consciously. Perhaps the timeframes I perceive are quite different for others) we began discussions on how we actually would live there. The old earth systems could not be re-established, and so much counseling began. We all decided upon some general guidelines and some ‘systems’ have been re-created & extreme duality removed. There is a money system as well as a Gifting system in place. There is variety and we can all move through the systems as needed and continue our involution process. Duality exists in a more benevolent atmosphere; gone is death, struggle, poverty—the extremes of duality as we have experienced here. All structures are more sustaining and sustainable. There is far more harmony, and gone are the corporations and institutions as we know them.

Next was the concern over who is Transferred and who remains and why. Again, this is clearly stated and it is part of the releasing process. All who are conscious, semi-conscious, beginning to Awaken into a conscious state, those who are “living lightly upon the Earth”, those who are “good” people, those who do not think/ believe or live in a metaphysical context and yet who steward the Earth and assist where they are needed will Transfer. Those who are Opening the Heart, those who are Spiritual within a religious framework will Transfer. Those who Strive to remain Harmless to themselves and to others will Transfer. Those who embrace diversity will Transfer and the list can be continued. You Understand the point here. Those who will not Transfer are the greedy ones, the ones who destroy the Earth/Oceans/Air/Space or the Universe, those who cannot open their Hearts or minds due to their belief systems to another human being and assist in times of need will not transfer. Those who heavily judge and treat other people, animals, plants, rocks, and all other existences from a point of belief of being sincerely “better than” and refuse to change will not transfer. Those who enjoy torturing and killing people, animals, insects, trees, plants & all other living Beings will not transfer. Those who destroy the Land and Life---in all forms of destruction AND all forms of Life will not transfer. This point is clear as well.

So those in Life-Affirming Patterns will Transfer to the New Earth, live in various levels of Harmony and Joy whilst still moving through the Involution Process, and living in/from/by/through their Thoughts and Passions manifesting their Realities. For these, the evolution process is complete. Those who are not yet conscious of being a Creator have proven by their Heart frequency and vibrations that they do not have to continue the evolution process which is based in extreme duality—they may experience a more gentle and grace-filled Awakening through Involution and being in a more supportive environment for their vibrations. All will continue to Prosper, Grow and Expand. The Intelligent & Loving Essence we all Know as Earth will have completed “Her/It’s” evolution process AND the Ascension Process and will be embodied in the Paradise we have Co-Created with that Love Essence. Like each of us, a ‘part’ of ‘earth’ is already in/on the New Earth and feeling wonderful. When the final ones are Transferred (right now appearing to be around 2006 or 2007), the Essence of the Being known as ‘earth’ will completely Ascend to the New Earth. NOTHING is lost. We have not lost earth, nor have we abandoned earth. We all will be together again in Bliss-full vibrations.…our True Selves.

The planet which we now experience as Earth, will have a holo-program running so those UN-concious, refusing to shift into a life-affirming pattern will experience THEIR version, what THEIR thoughts/beliefs and passions have manifested for them. The LifeLoveEssence of earth will have ascended and what is left is a program, and no one will notice because they don’t care. IF anyone can chose to open to a different thought belief, then they will be transferred and assisted. This is not punishment, it is allowing those who desire this to live with it and those who desire other than destruction to live in the ways and manners which fit them…..very simple. Yes, we have all been on this physical rock of a planet for eons, so there IS love for it….AND….the True Essence which we truly love will be with us on another planet!

This message is also (humor added here) “home-work” (pun intended!). Depending upon the openness and embracing of this message or the judgmental reactionary stance will provide you with where you need to still release or shift your beliefs and fears…… This is ALL about how each of us perceives and responds OR how we react. This is quite OTHER than about the message itself or the messenger, so please do not try to write me about any of this because I will not read or respond to you….this is our own personal process.

WE have--TOTALLY (other than ‘partially’!) assisted The Being of Love and Beauty we call Earth or Gaia in Her/It's Ascesion Process!!! So now we can move onto our next phase of Involution! In my perspective, this is only part of what Tobias ( states when he says we are done being “energy holders and now we are energy movers”. We are DONE with the last 2500 to 5000 yrs of non-life affirming action against the planet where we constantly strive to 'right those wrongs'! We have absolutely completed our "job". We are successful in Bridging Heaven to Earth, we are successful in BEING the Bridge to Heaven and Earth, we have DONE it.

It is Now Time for us to CREATE what we truly want---consciously---on the New Earth. Every detail that we want in a daily life has to be Imagined, Passionately felt and created on the New Earth…..every detail. With this, we also want to eliminate all limitations in beliefs, emotions, thoughts and these are on the very subtle levels. Often they are referred to as transparent belief systems or issues, because they drive us and limit us and we are not aware of them. If things are not going “well”---look for the most subtle levels of issue in yourself (not others).

As someone wrote me: What is this thing about waking at 4 AM? Or 4:30 or some suchl We are just coming back from Playing and Designing our New Home and are so excited our consciousness is not going to sleep! I heard from a woman who says she can't stay awake in her new corporate job! She is falling asleep after 3 days! She even went home the last 2 days for 1.5 hrs each to sleep------no one missed her!!!! THIS is exactly what they are saying about us not being noticed when we leave! New job, new employee, falling asleep AND leaving for a chunk of time and no one notices! hahahaha!!!! WHAT a HOOT!!! We are all VERY busy with this new Designing and ‘moving the furniture around’, so to speak, in our New Home!

The magnificent Being we Know intimately and Love beyond all measure as "Earth/Gaia" is Ready to Ascend and move into/merge completely with "Her/It's" New Body....New vibration....New everything-----just as WE are!!! See, we ALL go together. We, the ones first all contain in our DNA a Code which states we can't "go ahead and leave ANY behind". This is one of the things which has carried us through all these pain-full years personally and what has driven us to Steward for Earth even more! Leave no one behind. We are Gathered Now. WE are Gathered. We are Gathered AND Ready to take the Next Step---for ALL of us. We, with Earth (the Spiritual Essence of EARTH) are transferring TOGETHER. WE get the goodies! We get the True Self of Earth, the one we love and have protected and cared for. What is left is ONLY the shell of a decaying physical planet with no Essence, no intelligence. There is a biological code set to keep the greens going for a few more yrs, but it is a holographic program! Those left on the shell of the rock are living exactly as they choose and WE are living exactly as WE choose! Earth/Gaia is living exactly as "She/It" chooses! The new earth or gaia or terra is COMPLETE, breath taking, pure BEAUTY. Point is, we all win! We all get exactly what we want. We HAVE created our reality per our thoughts and beliefs. This is why THEY ALL have stated for yrs to stay on course, to refine our emotions, to refine our mental processes, to rid ourselves of the limiting beliefs, to eliminate judgment in our lives, to BE Beauty......had we not and continued not to do so------ALLLLLLLL would have been lost. The Essence of Earth would have chosen to leave permanently and total destruction. She trusted that WE could Attain what we have been Creating...and we have! It is up to those of us who can fully embrace this new reality and shift to hold strong and in Joy AND Bliss during the summer solstice. The second wave will be holding an expansion of consciousness and the 2 energies together will get us thru this crucial Earth Choice Point. The last few Choice Points have been about the people, about the consciousness AND about us holding True to our Love for Earth. THIS Choice Point is about the un-conscious consensus and about us being able to successfully, withOUT planetary destruction due to the stress of the duality pull, separate our life affirming reality from the non-life affirming reality and prepare ourselves even more deeply to transfer into our Dream, Paradise, Bliss, etc. We have been placing over there what we need. Now we will be placing what we want!

And So It IS. In Service, Rebeka.

The Transfer and The New Earth
Transmission by Rebeka Michaels

June 08 2005

And o it is. Let us begin. We brought to the transcriber in her DreamTime last evening the results of what we see as the next major event of unfoldment for your earth and the peoples. We realize this is stress-full for the transcriber and the reader, and that you also understand the importance of this venue.

Yes, we transcribed a map for the transcriber in symbols so it would be easier for her to recall.

The first will be a catastrophic occurrence across the planet. It resides in one specific area and the expression and energy of this will engulf the entire planet, spread across the globe so to speak. It is geophysical, geo-political & geo-militaristic in scope. We make our statements in these not so common terms because they reflect that there is earth change, that there is a plan from the ‘hiddens’, and that it will also have militaristic characteristics. This presentation will be quite shaking, quite disturbing for the world’s population, and especially for those in what they like to refer to themselves as, in the “advanced and industrialized countries”,

This is not a ‘new’ development for you who read this (and we state who continue to read this), for you have been assisting the greater quantum teams of Transition, of Transfer, and of Re-generation for approximately several weeks of your time in your DreamTimes and meditations. This equates for the even deeper levels of sadness, grief and/or anger some of you are experiencing.

The Second manifestation is one of a solar expression. This will be experienced in 2 simultaneous events which appear to be different, yet will occur so as to represent one significant event. There will be a large solar mass which will be as a projectile to earth and impact as a mass. There is also an asteroid type of mass, as large as a planet which will pass by and cause a shift on many levels, which in turn will manifest as 3 days of total darkness for your planet. The projectile type of mass from the sun will impact and cause disruption to the land and the oceans. Several land masses and 2 oceans. Within the disruption and due to the intense level& diversity of the ‘solar’ discharge, many satellite devices and internet disruptions will be experienced. The ‘disruption’ will allow for the ceasement of some forms of daily living as you have come to expect. This will allow other more benevolent systems to come into use. Though newer systems will be manifesting, this does not necessarily mean that the quality of life on planet will increase at that moment.

The ‘asteroid’ type of mass will be qualified as many things to many people. It all depends upon one’s belief system as to how one will experience and/or interpret this event. We are not offering any definitive label for this, as it is part of the overall process for each of you to interpret as necessary. What will also be important in this playout of events is whether—or not--- you each allow the others to come forward with their perspectives, beliefs and/or ‘channelings’ in the energy of co-operation in diversity… or whether you chose to be righteous and judge the others. This most certainly assists in the defining of the quality and vibration of reality you will next experience. In these types of situations, all perspectives are correct, parts of several when combined are correct, and of course…..none of them are correct….it is all illusion and perspective set for further evolution and definition for each person. The overall events of course, have various meanings and reasons, we address here only the actions of choice as to the reaction each will have and/or formulate either…….with others….or----against others. This is more of a personal trial or ‘statement of evolution’ than the division or expression of or by duality. This is one of the next levels within the evolution to involution process. It is where you each get “a vote” as to the type or quality of reality you will experience next, and then join with those of like belief and then, in turn, those groups will interact with their opposite. Even the most rarified and compassionate, will interact with their opposite, though in some cases it will be situations of slightly more benevolent behavior and in others—those who have chosen to have a more ‘advanced’ situation within the framework of surrogating for much of the mass conscious and un-conscious consensus, will be involved with their complete opposite harmonic of the compassion they are embodying.

Let us now briefly address the three days of darkness for the earth and the peoples. Here again, there has been much interpretation, speculation and shifting timeline experiences people view. This again, will be experienced through or by the level of discernment/belief, acceptance/non-acceptance, openness/fear for each person. We will state to you that the reason for the darkness is to attain a great shift and division-placement for each person into their most appropriate reality frequency band, and to accomplish a transfer of some of earth’s people.

It is at this juncture we observe some of you will have diverse re-actions to this, judgments arise and reading is ceased. This is as it Should Be and Appropriate. For others, you will not resonate, yet be curious and continue to read to see what is unfolding in this transmission. For others, you will be sad and through tears continue to read because there is a deep leveling of Knowing you have around this. For others, you resonate with this body of information, nod in agreement and eagerly continue to read to see if what we are stating aligns with the body of information you have attained or have been training in during DreamTimes and meditations which translates into an Organic Knowing with many questions arising around this subject as well.

For those of the un-consciousness consensus or what some refer to as the “sleeping masses”, these individuals will be in a state of stasis, ‘sleeping’ or ‘stopped in motion’ as it would appear. When there is completion, they will be re-generated and re-stabilized. At this point, they will feel they ‘skipped’ a moment, or forgot something, and then will continue with whatever activity or function they were experiencing. There will be some memory infusion into the grid systems that they use and into the general holo-experience. There is a technique which will be utilized whereby memories of experiences with people who are no longer present in their life experience will have an infusion which states a ‘reason’ for the void of that person, so all will seem to run “in order” and seamless. The ability to understand the stasis or time-shift (as it were) will not be available. For these individuals, due to the choice of denial, the choice to resist evolution in the previous experiences presented to them and to the choice for greed/selfishness they will continue to experience their destruction and full reflections of their beliefs and judgments---of themselves and others. This would be likened to the concept of “hell”. We see most religious (not spiritual---religious) and politically-self-only focused individuals in this reality. They will continue the downward spiral of daily existence and survival under the most rigid constraints of control. If they so chose to open their Hearts to a different way of life, there will be a “choice point” for them to exit that reality and enter the next available level. This we will now address.

For the rest of the individuals, you each will be transferred to a new environment. We must state here that what you conceptualize and sense as the Essence of The Being: Earth or Gaia also will be in metamorphosis. This Being will have completed the stages and levels necessary to move from the lower vibrational existence into the rarified existence with the other Beings of the current earth experience (Beings mean plants, animals, people, rocks, crystals, mammals, etc). The energy hologram of ‘earth’ will be present so those of the ‘current’ earth experience will carry on as if nothing has changed. If they can evolve so they feel a closer bond with the earth which sustains them, they will be transferred to an appropriate reality to awaken into further evolution. For the being you now experience as ‘earth/gaia/terra/tera’, that energetic being and intelligence is also in the final stages or phases of preparation for transfer and transformation to the higher quality realms.

Many of you have been building, creating, designing “the new earth” for almost 20 years. The acceleration came in 1994. Then around 1997/98 creation stopped as it appeared that full destruction would manifest and very few were prepared to inhabit the new area. Choices were made, and evolution continues. The ones of you who are the forerunners to establish existence upon the new terrain, have been accessing this consciously for several weeks in your DreamTimes and meditations. Even for those who “believe” and do not consider themselves as ‘consciously remembering’, it is So for you as well. There will be transfers completed daily over the next few weeks & toward mid-july. The majority of transfers will occur during the 3 days of darkness. It is also that the ones not completely prepared in their biology, will have the assistance of the cosmic energies and particles for the solar event and the asteroid-type of event. There are countless universal and galactic teams available and fully trained in re-stabilizing the subtle bodies and biology from and during a mass transfer such as this. Those involved in the transfer process will be the remainder of those on earth at the moments of the cosmic events. There will be those who arrive prior to the majority arriving. Those with whom this resonates strongly are the ones who will be transferred first and then assist with the stabilization of the others over the next few months. We will state here that there will be several events utilized for both the final preparation of the Being Gaia/Terra/Tera to the rarified environment, as well as to transfer portions of the individuals which are involved with the transfer. The 2 above noted events will occur over the next several months of perceived time for you. We are planning for and anticipating the completion of this transfer task to be approximately before the ‘first portion’ of December 2005. As you experience earth changes, know that they are times for individuals to exit this evolutionary cycle completely and continue elsewhere, or to transfer to the new earth. There is no need to weep or to do “healing” for earth or individuals, as they have chosen their higher callings and paths for their next phase of evolution to involution; ascension, and all is in Divine Order.

To briefly address some of the questions regarding the quantum mechanics of the transfer. There are several forms or formats that we will be utilizing. Each individual will determine this by their vibrational frequency and by the combined overall vibrational harmonic, as well as the wellness level of the biology. By wellness level, we mean the vibrational measurement for the transfer itself. If the DNA, the subtle body field and the biology are cohesive, the transfer method may be a direct particle de-fusion and infusion process. We also will be utilizing what many of you know as “the tube”. There are actually 2 devices which most people confuse as one. One is a physical mechanism and one is an energy/sound/light/color mechanism. Both require certain biological and vibrational requirements be met, to safely and most coherently complete the transfer of the physical body and the subtle body energy field. Many will want to argue the mechanics of this and that it is impossible. We direct you to research the available information on the previous projects of several decades ago that the American government with the assistance of galactic teams, tested these earlier formats of which we speak. What they left out for the success of the equation, was the vibrational frequency in consciousness. This is a major factor for success. Some might refer to it as the Heart/Mind/Spirit connection. A cohesive frequency must be present or the transfer does not function, and there are mishaps, as is in the historical accounts of the previous experiments and tests.

We will close this transmission stating that the new earth is also of duality and one in which the evolution to involution process is still in effect. What IS different is that the abuse, the destruction, the trauma to earth, other beings and to all life is non-existent. You each will carry on in the process toward more rarified vibrations. You enter this new environment, for those curious, at approximately the lower band frequencies of 5d.

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