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Why I Told the BBC Where They Could Shove Their Programme Last Night
2005 06 26

By David Icke |

Visitors to this website from Northern Ireland would have expected to see me on a BBC show last night called ‘Nolan Live’. I flew to Belfast to do the programme, but by the time it went out I was back home. This is why:

Over the last 15 years I have appeared on many television programmes to be ridiculed, abused and misrepresented by presenters and ‘research’ staff who have never taken the trouble to find out what I am really saying or read any of the mountains of detailed evidence I produce to support it.

They have had tabloid minds yet to fully develop into adulthood and I am convinced that so many media presenters and backroom people are produced in batches in some underground laboratory, grown in dishes, and then posted to television and other media operations around the world. There they are taught to read autocue, reduce every issue to the lowest common denominator, and then released on an unsuspecting public as a ‘new face’.

They are clones of each other and, thus, so are the programmes they produce.

I have been through many deeply unpleasant and frustrating experiences over and over year after year in an attempt to communicate information to those who do have ears to hear and minds to see beyond the attempts to ridicule and trivialise massively important concepts and issues.

But after the disgraceful treatment I received last year from batch 2348/PRATS/954 on a programme called ‘This Morning’, I decided that enough was enough. I wasn’t going to be treated like this anymore and either I was treated with respect, together with the information and the audience, or they needn’t bother asking.

So when I was called by BBC Northern Ireland to appear on ‘Nolan Live’ last night I sought assurances that we would be talking about issues highly relevant to current events and that it would be dealt with in an adult way. I was given these assurances and I took them at their word because the show does not air where I live and I had never seen it or its presenter, Steve Nolan.

Then the BBC Contracts Department called me a couple of days before the show to ask for permission to use an infamous interview I did in 1991 at the height of an extraordinary inner transformation that, for three months, left me wondering what planet I was on. Whenever a show plans to use that it is clear, from endless experience, where their minds are going and it is not to explore in a mature and sensible way the content of the 15 books now in nearly 20 languages I have written since that time.

I gave permission for a clip to be used only after gleaning still further assurances from the programme researcher that this was not going to be yet another pre-school production that brought the subjects I write about down to the level of the worse kind of superficial, sensationalist, tabloid shite.

I was told yet again that this was not the case, but my intuition was telling me otherwise. I had been open to a Northern Ireland programme because on the two or three occasions I had appeared on the ITV station there I had been treated well and with respect and courtesy. By now, however, I could feel that the BBC, the organisation funded by the people to serve the people through the annual licence fee, was going to take a different approach.

But I still decided to go because it was now a day or so before the programme and out of respect for them I did not want to pull out at a late stage and leave their show without a guest. I flew to Belfast, checked into the hotel, and began to wait out the five hours to air-time hoping that my intuition was wrong.

Then, as I turned onto the BBC-1 channel to see the main news, a trailer for ‘Nolan Live’ came on. Tonight, said Mr. Nolan, they were going to be discussing the issue of paedophiles in the community, plus he would be talking to ‘the controversial David Icke who thinks he’s the Son of God and says that the Queen is a lizard.’

Fifteen years of full-time research in more than 40 countries, 15 books totalling millions of words, and the fact that their content predicted a stream of changes and events that are now happening that threaten our most basic freedoms and the lives and survival of billions; all this was reduced to: ‘… he thinks he’s the Son of God and says that the Queen is a lizard.’

I had been discussing with the programme researcher (who did not seem at all interested, really) about how the lies over Iraq, now being confirmed in leaked official documents, were all revealed – and so much more – in Tales From The Time Loop written two years before the current leaks. I talked about the consequences for more than 100,000 Iraqi civilians in death and suffering of those lies being believed. I had talked of how And The Truth Shall Set You Free had predicted the tagging of babies using the excuse of stopping their abduction from hospitals. That was written more than a decade ago and it is now happening. I talked with the researcher about the fundamental freedoms that are being systematically eliminated and the fact that 9/11 was a scam designed to justify the introduction of the Orwellian global state and the ‘war on terror’. I also had a copy of the new book sent to them with its revelations about the illusory nature of ‘physical’ reality.

I was giving them the respect of providing them with information and treating them as adults. Unfortunately, they appear not to even treat themselves that way. All this was reduced to ‘… he thinks he’s the Son of God and says that the Queen is a lizard.’

I know from long experience that once that is the mentality of a programme you are wasting your time because to explain the logic of these concepts demands a lot of background that they do not give you the time to provide. They jump around from one massive subject to another giving you a couple of sentences at most before they jump in with another unconnected topic or cut away to the audience in the studio or via email before anything has been explained in any substance whatsoever. I remember being interviewed on BBC radio in southern England and the presenter actually said to me ...' We've got 15 seconds left, tell me about the Reptilians.'

It’s like someone like me going on a show a few centuries back and the presenter saying ‘…he thinks the earth is round.’ Without explaining the law of gravity it would have sounded crazy because it was believed that if the planet was round the people at the bottom would fall off.

These programmes are interested only in exploiting the ‘nutter’ who says the earth is round – they have no interest in pursuing the information, in this case gravity, that would make the apparently bizarre make sense. They want sensationalism, superficiality and conflict. They call it, apparently, ‘good television’. It is not only the guest who is insulted, so is the intelligence of the audience, which is assumed not to have the attention span or capacity to absorb even a modicum of substance. It has to be fast, short, loud, and confrontational.

I remember the male version of batch 2348/PRATS/954 on the ‘This Morning’ show saying that it was not appropriate to talk about quantum physics at ‘this time of the morning’. All I said was that what appeared to be a ‘solid’ world could not be so even by the findings of scientists. But no, that’s too much for the audience to understand, we need to keep it as superficial as possible because they’re stupid, you know.

So when I saw the ‘Nolan Live’ trailer and saw where they were coming from with regard to portraying me and my work, I called them to say I had been fundamentally misled about the nature of the show, despite making it clear the terms on which I would come. Given this fact, I was now out of here.

An hour later I was boarding the plane home with, apparently, Mr. Nolan dispatched to the airport in pursuit. Too late, mate. How they filled their show I have no idea and I care even less. It’s about time we stopped taking this gross misrepresentation of people and ideas that do not conform to the ‘norms’ that the media defends so tenaciously.

Also, if we want to change our experience we need to refuse to allow into our lives the people and events we wish to eliminate from our reality. Otherwise the same experience will keep repeating because we are allowing it to. As the saying goes: ‘If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.’

That’s one reason I drew a line in the sand after the This Morning experience. So any media who are thinking of asking me onto a show should understand the following. I will only do it if (a) I am treated with respect, (b) my information is treated with respect and (c) the audience is treated with respect.

Anything less than that and you can file it in the place where the sun never shines. And if I am misled, as I was over the ‘Nolan Live’ show, I will out of there just as quickly when I see what the game is. It is worth knowing that so you don’t waste your time or my own.

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