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Ian Lungold update
2005 06 15

By Ian Lungold |

June 12, 2005

Hello there,
Madaline, Spirit and I have safely traveled out of the U.S. and into Canada. I went and got Ultra Sound images of this mass lodged in my neck on June 9th. Now we are looking to contact a surgeon and work out how we may remove the 4 or 5 masses that had been growing in there. The largest one is the size of a golf ball.

Since the last communication about my situation and request for assistance we have received another $1,200 in donations from about 25 people. A pattern is sort of showing itself here. It would appear that most of you who are interested in the information that we provide, are struggling under the domination of current economic structure and have little left over for yourselves let alone a distant stranger such as myself.

If you are interested in the newly uncovered statistics on why this is the case;From the 1950's to the 1970's the wealthiest 1% of Americans (people making over 10 million per year) were making $162.00 for every dollar that collectively the other 99% were making. From 1980 to today and with the help of the tax cuts that Mr. Bush so kindly put into place the same the upper 1% (which has doubled in wealth by the way) is making $18,000.00 for every dollar that you put in your pocket.

I'd say that is domination with a capitol D.

For more detailed facts, charts and graphs on this, read the new book, "Perfectly Legal" by David Cay Johnston. He lays out the already in place plan, to rip everyone a new one economically and how it has been made perfectly legal for them to do so. There is a huge difference between the terms Legal and Lawful. Legal is merely the form of law with no assigned responsibility and so no actual authority. Lawful is the body of law where remedy may be achieved. There can be no remedy achieved legally only lawfully. That is why there is no justice or, no remedy in the courts today. You are guilty until proven innocent unless you pay enough money to the legal system to have them look the other way in your case. Then you can not be found guilty no matter what the facts.

Meanwhile we have found a surgeon and hospital up here in Canada that will do the operation to remove the tumors for just under $7000.00. I now have $2000.00 from what I could sell and from your donations. If 1000 to 500 of you guys can help make up the $5000 difference by sending $5 or $10 Thank You.

If you can not help at this time we understand your position and thank you very much for your good wishes. Come what may, this is the last time I will be asking for assistance on my personal situation. I just don't feel right asking any further from you who I know are suffering in your own ways due to the pressures put upon you as the consciousness of domination rears in defiance of the incoming consciousness of ethics and integrity.

We each create our own situations and conditions and if these requests for a group of many to each help a little does not work out then I'll just have to manifest some other way out of this situation. So be it.

In any event thank you again for your interest, your well wishes and your contributions. As I have mentioned before; there will be a return on these "investments." *
* (No detailed prospectus available on the rate or date of those returns at this time.)

In service,
Ian Xel Lungold

Mail check or Money order in US funds to:
***Please make payable to Madaline Weber***

Mayan Majix
P.O. Box 3142
Payson, AZ 85547

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