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A Message to Earth from Archangel Christopher, Guardian of Truth
2005 06 12

By Chris Moors |

"When the halves become whole, the sum will be greater than the parts.

Dichotomy is seen throughout the 3D world, and to ascend into 4D, we must begin to unify the disparity by allowing our Imagination to play with possibilities. Be it Man and Woman, or the two sides of your brain, working together will bring about the best result. 5D vision is attained when the Synthesis is complete and you are Wholly Integrated. 6D Christ Consciousness is realized when the Aum Vibration pervades every atom of your Being and your Will becomes one with the Creator. 7D Budda-hood is something that each must find on their own in their own way.

Imagine a Soul that already has full knowledge of the wonders of the Astral World. Made of light, travel takes but a thought, and each point on the cosmic graph is accessible by sliding on the Einsteinian curve through Space. Vibrating at a higher rate of speed, you see the ‘little body down there’ going through its struggles and you decide to try to reach it somehow.

At first all attempts at linking the Soul to the Body are unnoticed because of the noise in the head of the young Earthling. Finally, after hearing the cry of Passion in the depths of a suffering Heart, the Human-to-be begins to notice that something about the outside world does not seem quite right.

Naturally, following the standard course of procedure, the seeker begins to ask questions. Immediately Fear rushes in when the people of the world attempt to beat the seeker down. But the Call will not go away and Inspiration from the books sent by the Soul to the Body stake a claim for the Life that has yet to be given a chance.

Will arises and no matter how fierce the resistance, determination to be free grows ever higher until a mighty “nothing can stop me” roar shakes the foundations of Heaven and Earth. Now immersed in the Power of Spirit the process of cleansing can begin.

Opening the mind to the unconscious responses of conditioned stimuli, the unraveling is facilitated with the presence of one who has already gone through the process, words of inspiration, and the support of humans with like mind. In other words: the Buddha (master - one who IS), the Dharma (the true teachings of the Way), and the Sangha (community that you build to support the Work).

Soul and Body move closer and closer, until an awakened being is fully residing in a healthy vessel. Much will have to Change with the Outside to match the Change on the Inside. You might find that you are in a job you hate, or in a relationship that is crippling you. You might discover that you had a dream as a child to be a surfer, but you felt forced to go with practicality and the “real” world. It will take Courage to move the stagnation and overcome the impetus of old habits while ignoring the grumblings from the peanut gallery over the fact that you dare to live.

As the issues dealt with become more fundamental, the pain becomes more intense, yet the bliss felt when each bound up ball of energy is released is more fantastic than anything most could preconceive at this point. Reclaiming your fragmented Self, you begin to relax and see the Beauty in the World, and the Gift that Incarnation truly is. Gratitude breaks the darkness of the Heart and the Lotus Blossom Chakra opens its pedals.

Morning has come at last."

C. Moors, Pearly Gates Press

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