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An Angel becomes a Buddha at the End of Time
2005 06 20

Posted By C. Moors |

Those who believe in the old religions will freeze themselves in place with their insistence on holding the limitation. In essence, they will get exactly what they want. Christians will go to what they believe is Heaven. It will be their definition of Heaven, and they can stay there as long as they feel necessary. Muslims will create with their visions, exactly what they intend and so on and so on….

Those who are collectively stepping into the new reality of the 4th dimension are growing stronger bonds with each other every day. Across the world our Wills are aligning with the Will of Creation. The comprehensive reflection of illuminated paths consisting of the best minds of the past and sharpest insight of the present opens up a whole new area of spiritual space.

The revelation that makes this all possible is that “Time itself” is the added dimension. When Time ceases to be linear and seems to happen all at once, the former limited perception has become evolved. The 3rd has become 4th, and Heart brings us into Eternity. So the “End of Time” simply means that we have evolved to a place where Time is irrelevant to our experience of each other and the ‘cosmos in all realms’ rendering Death an obsolete concept.

Transcending even the archetypal language of the 4th dimension, as individuals, we reach soul wholeness and steadfast integrity on the 5th dimension. 6th dimension Inspiration then flows into order/form (5th) which gets wrapped in Love (4th) and delivered to the 3rd dimensional mind through the finely trained information processor on top of our Earth body called the brain. The message revealed is then distributed to eager entities ready to make a swift transition.

It is good to remind everyone that Time does not officially end in the Outer World until December 21st, 2012. Then will be the 10 day period of silent reflection and Jan. 01, 2013, will be reset to year 1 of the New Era as both a symbolic act and a triumph of truth. There may still be 3rd dimensional entities walking around saying it is Jan 01, 2013, but those of us in the 4th dimension will understand that those shadows will soon fade away.

We fulfill the prophecy,

C. Moors, Pearly Gates Press

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