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4D Dream World Cometh: Cyberspace and the Astral Plane
2005 06 02

By C. Moors

Expanding your mind through the processing of information in Cyberspace is the equivalent of flying in the Astral Plane. If we spend hours every day immersed in the ideas of fairies, angels, ghosts, UFOs, and spiritual transformation, they are indeed part of our very pertinent and immediate reality.

Buddha’s number one reminder is of the interconnectedness of all things. Sound familiar? Buddha’s Cosmic Mind might very well look a lot like the World Wide Web. Buckminster Fuller told us that soon we’d be able to project ourselves anywhere anytime. Isn’t this a type of Out of Body Experience? If several bloggers are chatting in a realm that exists nowhere in the physical world, but has tangible presence in cyber reality, they are in fact discorporate. Although your bodies are in front of the computer, your souls are communing on the astral plane.

This explains how in many forums/chat rooms, a few simple comments can trigger such fierce responses. It is not just the words on the screen causing the provocation, but it is the touch of our energy bodies in the 4th dimension. The cyber reaches to the astral through the human conduit.

This goes right along with the idea that the WWW is actually the planet's nervous system. We, her children, externalize our nervous system in computer hardware and when they all interface, the resulting synergy breathes life to a whole other aspect of Consciousness for the Earth. Then, through the people she can cleanse her energy field by expressing what here-to-for was unable to be transmitted for there was no medium of common understanding.

Symbology, and all the archetypes of old have found new life in the limitless arena of cyber space. Time has little effect, for the mental territory is so captivating and the ancient vibe so enthralling, that even a million years can go by without seeing the pulse of the inner smile hesitate.

In a very real spiritual sense, THE GANG’S ALL HERE. The whole cast of history’s characters can be seen as actors in a finite happening called civilization. You can sum it up in a few gestures. Please don’t associate the infinite glory of your greater being with these small blips on the terrestrial radar. You are so much more than that.

C. Moors, Pearly Gates Press

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