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The Parable of the Room
2005 05 06

By Michael Sharp |

Imagine for a moment that we are all sitting in one huge room. The room that we are in has doors and windows and is like any other room that any of us have been in except for the fact that the room is freezing cold. In fact, it is so cold that everyone in the room has several layers of warm clothing on: hats, gloves, and parkas to insulate us from the bitter cold.

And so there we are sitting huddled in the freezing room, desperate for warmth.

Nobody really knows how long we’ve been in this room. We just know it is a long time. But suddenly, after what seems like an eternity, one among us looks up from their huddles crouch realizes that there is some kind of strange contraption on her back. She strains to see what it is but cannot quite make out the details. After a few moments of examination, she notices that there is a string attached to the contraption. After a moment’s hesitations, she pulls the string and a soft humming begins to emanate from the contraption. Nothing else happens for a moment or two and so she sits back down and huddles against the cold.

While she is examining her contraption and pulling her string, a few people notice her activity and stand to watch. After seeing what she is doing, they too notice a contraption on their back and an attached string but they do not pull the string. Instead they watch the girl as she pulls her string. They watch to ensure no harm comes from this. They watch as the girl sits down. Nothing happens and they immediately lose interest and settle back down to resisting the bitter cold.

After a few moments, however, the girl who originally pulled the string notices something. Something has changed in the air around her. “What is it,” she thinks to herself. And then she realizes! The air around her seems to be warming up, and rapidly. She can no longer see her breath and her body is becoming uncomfortable under the extra load of clothing. She strains her neck to look at the contraption and immediately realizes that the contraption is some sort of personal heating system. Surprised, she looks around and notices that everyone else is also wearing one just like it.

Incredulous, she wonders why nobody has seen this heater before or never pulled the string. Perhaps they were concentrating too hard against the cold and simply did not see beyond the frost in their breath and the ice on their cloths. Perhaps they simply believed that no other existence was possible. No matter, after a few minutes she is becoming decidedly uncomfortable and she now, with some degree of excitement, begins to remove her clothing layer by layer as the air warms around her.

The people huddled immediately around her have now looked up and noticed her excitement. What is more, those closest to her are also noticing a change in the air temperature. The heater on her back is so powerful that she has now affected temperature a few meters all around her.

People have noticed.

People are warming up.

People are becoming uncomfortable.

They ask her what is happening and she explains about the heater on their backs. She suggests that if they turn on the heaters, they could warm up the room even more. She also advises that they should start taking their layers of clothing off because once their heater is on, their bodies will quickly become uncomfortable beneath the layers of fabric.

Some, but not all, of her immediate neighbors take her advice and pull the string. A few moments pass and the air around them rises a few degrees. Feeling uncomfortable, they also begin to take off their cloths.

Now, there is a small bubble of excitement in the room. A few more people (this time a little farther away from the center) are beginning to look up and wonder what all the excitement is about. There are even people standing off away in the corners who have heard the bustle and are straining their eyes and ears to see. A buzz begins to move through the room and a few people here and there, perhaps the ones who are most resistant to the cold, look up, stand up, and wonder what is going on. They ask those around them but most of the freezing people they ask are too cold to worry and too bitter to care. Still, some people are talking and the word is spreading. They say something about warmer air and that some kind of heating system is available to everyone.

Some are even saying that people are taking of their clothing. The more skeptical laugh at this. However, the braver ones, the ones who are tired of being cold, the ones who trust the rumors, the ones who can see the small island of people beginning to dance in the warmth, strain to look at their backside and lo and behold, they see a string attached to a contraption. Getting swept up in the rising excitement, they pull the string and the air immediately begins to warm.

They begin to feel uncomfortable.

They begin to take off their cloths.

Now as we pause and look around at the room we notice islands of radiant heat in a sea of bitter cold. Here and there, dotted throughout this huge room of individuals, people are starting to realize that the bitter cold is not something they have to live with. More and more see that within their grasp is all the heat they need to get warm and stay warm.

Still, and at first, it is only a few people here and there. The ones who are more adventurous, the ones who are tired, the ones who are desperate for a new world, these are the first ones to pull the string. They talk, of course. They point out the rising heat. They excitedly exclaim “look, we don’t need to many cloths!” But most people in the room are too busy trying to keep warm to give them much thought.

“Crazy,” they think to themselves. “They’ll all just freeze to death.”

For a while, it seems, little progress is made. More and more turn on and heat up, but against the huddles masses, it seems like a drop in the bucket. However, the heaters are powerful; far more powerful that we initially think. And after a certain point, it is not just the local temperature around the individual heaters that is affected., When enough have turned on their heaters, and when the heaters have been running long enough, a shift occurs. Instead of localized islands of heat, the entire room is impacted and the ambient temperature begins to slowly rise. Once the shift has occurred, everyone, no matter how inured against the cold, no matter how tightly huddled against the arctic blasts, begins to feel the rising temperature of the room.

After a certain point, nobody can ignore what is going on.

At this point individuals in random locations in the entire room begin to look up to see what is up. Hundreds and, soon, thousands now notice the excited activity of a handful of their once frozen compatriots. They ask, with some confusion, “what is going on.”

They are told, "there are heaters! There is warmth. It takes only a moment. Just pull the string."

They see the excitement, they feel the heat, and now, swept up in the growing excitement, waves and waves of frozen room dwellers pull the string. They don’t even wait to start taking off their layers. Even before they pulled the string, they felt the warmth and were becoming uncomfortable beneath the clothing.

Of course, now that so many are tuning in and turning on, the rise in temperature is no longer subtle. Now the thermometer rises a degree every few minutes and the consequent discomfort rises fast as well. It is at this point, as we gaze at waves and waves of people jumping to their feet, turning on their heaters, and stripping their cloths, that we begin to see the problem. Fear has begun to cascade in waves through the huddles masses. Many people, whose only experience had been to huddle against the bitter cold, stare around them in total dismay. The room is now heating so fast, and people are stripping so quickly, that they are confused and befuddled. Questions flood through their minds. People all around them are staring and smiling and pointing and stripping. Some have even reached the point of total undress and are now running bare naked around the room jumping with the sheer joy of freedom. They are confused. “What is all this about?”, they think. What is worse, all this confusion is compounded by the pain they are in. The room is so warm now, and their clothing so thick, that they are literally beginning to bake inside their cloths.

It is a crises, but it is one the people in the room seem able to handle. There are many who have already weathered the shift and they understand the process. They reach out, they explain, they help remove cloths, they calm, they smile, they respond and there are so many individuals with lightened layers of clothing that there is lots of help, lots of support, and lots of reassurance.

Most people respond.

Most begin taking off their cloths.

Some even turn on their heaters but at this point there is enough people with backpacks on and heaters turned up that it no longer matters if the new comers are turning on their heaters or not. In fact, at this point, people are starting to advise against it. The temperature is a perfect 82 degrees.

The shift has occurred. No more heat is required.

Still, there are problem areas. A few, a small handful, cannot cope with the rapidity of the change. They have to assimilate information too fast and they cannot. They see the frenzied dancing and the smiling faces. They see the naked people and amidst all the odd sensations they are experiencing, they cannot process the pain in their body. A few snap and run screaming around the room. Some are mad. Others are shouting, “the end of the world is here.” Others experience total panic and flee out of the room or leap from the windows. Those that can be restrained are held and their cloths gently removed. The new reality is explained and they are held until they are calm. Those that cannot be restrained or who flail too violently are left to themselves until they exhaust their reserves. When they are silent, they are approached and assistance is given. Those who “leave” too soon are lost, but only temporarily. Eventually, they calm down and return without clothing.

How many will panic? How many will need to be restrained? How many will “leave the room” and have to come back at a later date? It is hard to say at this point. It will all depend on the action and initiative of those who have gone before. In fact, how fast the process unfolds, how quick we shall restore the calm, how smoothly we shall navigate the shift will depend entirely on the concerted actions of the people in the room.

Still, there are no unknowns here.

There is no chance.

It is all up to you.

If you are one of the ones that has gone ahead, reach out.

If you are one of those that remain beneath the layers, reach out.

There is nothing to fear.

The room is warm.


Michael Sharp


Michael Sharp is a conscious channel, empath and New Age writer. His first book entitled The Book of Life: Ascension and the Divine World Order (ISBN: 0973537906) is a complete handbook on the New Age and provides all the information that you need in order to orient and understand the increasingly dramatic changes unfolding around you. Read all about Michael's critically acclaimed work.

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