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Heavenly Data Transmission III
2005 04 18

Posted By creativecosmos | Creative Cosmos Planetary Forum

The terminology of Heaven has been subverted by Dogma. Repetitious drones do not reach the Mind of God. It is the longing of the Heart and the Burning Call of the Soul which turns His mighty ear.

Initially you must turn away from training or you will never have the Freedom and Spontaneity of the True Spiritual Life. Words can be substitutes, or they can be the reflection of Bursting Joy. Until Gratitude moves you to cry, “Praise the Lord!” you will never know the Prayerfulness of the Holy Spirit.

Luke warm gestures at convenient times and locations are so pitiful in the eyes of God that it is like spitting in His face. You give Him the Minimum and keep FOR YOURSELF the Maximum, thereby heaping burning coals upon your own head.

Nothing is more frustrating to the Angels on High than watching the People on Earth. Even as the Angels reach out helping hands, the people blame God for what they themselves have wrought with the Freedom that was a Gift of His Grace.

An idea of God keeps God from happening to YOU. God is a Being not an Idea. Relationships you have with Worldly Friends and Lovers, are introductions to the Lord your Eternal Friend and Lover.

One thing is sure, we are connected.
Kundalini rising,
C. Moors

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