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What's Up on Planet Earth? Forward Movement
2005 04 18

By Karen Bishop |


Yes, the energies are certainly moving ahead now. As the energetic shifts arrive closer and closer together, they are also affecting us more and more where we are at the physical level.

Currently they can be felt by some as "pushing" and moving, as they assist in supporting all to be in place and in alignment with the New higher ways and vibrations. If you are physically sensitive, you may feel them as much pressure within your body and much "stretching" going on. For me, they always arrive with a big attack of bloating and expanding, and I times I wonder if I have turned into a blowfish! And then I wonder if that abdominal swelling and weight gain will ever go down!

In addition, our sleeping patterns can change, as much more energy is moving through us. Just as we were most recently sleeping so soundly while integrating and in a lull and void, we may now find ourselves having more difficulty sleeping with all this energy moving. When we experience a lull or void, it always follows with an intense period of movement, and these shifts and ups and downs are all occurring much more closer together as we are balancing out the pendulum swings.

This occurs in our emotional states as well, as the ups and downs will eventually even out to a more consistent experience in the higher realms. So feeling great and then feeling awful will be a thing of the past as we arrive more and more and live more and more in these higher realms. It is all about periods of adjusting.

But these recent shifts are different than all others past. Being that the higher realms are HERE now, these higher energies are now hitting us where we live in the physical and therefore at the physical levels. As so much has been accomplished at the non-physical energetic levels to prepare the palette, we are now feeling and will be seeing changes much closer to our physical realities.

This is why we are being called now to go forth out into the world and begin our work, or should I say our callings and passions. The physical Earth is now ready and "readying". And this involves other things as well. Because the higher realms and higher vibrations are now entering at the physical levels, the Earth herself will now begin to experience much more of these shifts. As the New blueprint for the Earth will emerge from within her, she will experience much more shifting and shuttering as this energy will release through the physical.

Up until now there have been adjustments and "whisperings", but with the New emergence now being readied to arrive at physical levels, this is the time when there will be opportunities for Earth changes. July and August will be pivotal months for these opportunities, but know that they are "opportunities". What I am giving you here is an energy reading relating to what the CURRENT energies are revealing, and as always, there is always room and opportunity for change.

Here in Flagstaff, Arizona, in the United States, for instance, we have very little water. The changes that will occur here involve an opening of the Earth to reveal underground springs and streams. I have been seeing beautiful scenes of crystal clear water flowing from beneath the Earth and as streams, and it is glorious. And being on the site of a volcano, we will most likely have an Earth shuddering. The New Earth will now begin to be revealed in the physical.

These New and beautiful energies will soon be emerging, marking the beginning of the New energetic geographical hubs and spiritual centers of the New World as well. You may already be residing in your matching vibrational area or you may be readying to relocate or perhaps you may be arriving there in the future. All is always in order and in perfect divine timing when the synchronicities and conditions will all come together for us to be right where we need to be.

With the energies moving again and pushing ahead, we can also be feeling uncomfortable with anything not in alignment. Energetically it looks like everything is "turning". A big handle is turning and we are now moving into whole New territory. As the old has been slowly leaving, bit by bit, the New is here more closely and more completely that before and we can feel it in areas where we are not matching the vibration of the New.

A sure and easy way to get into alignment is to simply follow the path and do what makes you feel the best, even if it does not make sense. The things that need to change or shift are really being placed in our faces now, ready to be let go of so that we can fully enjoy and inhabit these New and higher realms we are now in.

And our guidance is coming in clearer than ever before. As the veil has been lifted so to speak, we are hearing and communicating ever so much clearer with the non-physical world. We are basically all in the same room now and having on-going conversations, in whatever modality we can receive the best.

With more and more movement and change due to arrive in July, this will also be the time when unrest and riots "could" occur in the old world. These energies will arrive precisely to push out more of the old and for things and those who are still holding on, the discomfort and sudden change could cause an uprising, so to speak.

And also during this time, with these New energies really arriving in great magnitude, many will arrive at a crossroads where they will either need to change and let go, or leave the physical world. This will begin the time when many will choose to leave.

From my viewpoint, I see the future as a beautiful time of unfolding energies that are bringing all that we have always wanted. A New and beautiful Earth is being birthed and it is glorious. All is in order, as always. It is an exciting and miraculous time!

Are you ready to create the New World? Are you ready to make your unique and special contribution through your passion and joy?

I thank you for sharing in my joy of being me through this energy alert. Many blessings, much peace, and incredible joy in these miraculous times,


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About Karen: Karen Bishop has had lifelong inner knowing of human and planetary evolution and events, as well as psychic ability and multidimensional access since birth. She possesses a varied background in metaphysical studies and training. Karen left her prior career as a grantwriter, non-profit consultant and newspaper columnist to be in her joy and creativity through creating the What's Up On Planet Earth? energy alerts and web site. She is no longer giving Soul Readings, but is currently working on her book and on-line program"Finding Your Soul Purpose/A Part Of Ascension".

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