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Truth needs no defence, only secrets and lies do
2005 05 01

By Fredrik Palmgren |

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To be what we call alive, the matter in our bodies and in our universe has to move. It can't stand still. If that happens, we "die", or leave the vibration range of this dimension. The cosmos is a perfectly organised chaos of absolute justice. What I mean to say is simply that things change for a reason. And at our current location on the side of the mountain of evolution, all may not make sense or seem right. But take a step up, widen your horizon and look again. For inside this experience called life, you are in control of the choices that creates your present and future, and if you chose to give your power away to some government, religion or corporation, know that it was YOU who made that choice. Because no one can force you to do anything, ever.

In Sweden we have a saying "den some viskar ljuger" (the one who whisper is lying) and in our current time period I think that says it all about the secret societies, freemasonry, occultism, national security, religions, intelligence agencies, multinational corporations, the bilderbergs and WTO type other words the global brotherhood of cowards.
But these creators of racism, war, unemployment, terrorism, disease, environmental decline, trends, immorality and humiliation, are not to be blamed solely and passively. These "men" are a part of the "near human experience"; they are the expression and manifestation of our fears and egos. We are all divine. We are all growing and experiencing all these things together on this planet and the more we remember of what and who we really are, the less we need these miss-leaders and false societies to remind us of that fact. "Know thyself and the truth shall set us all free".

There will always be room for wise individuals to help and guide us as our experience grows. But I believe that all of the above is a remnant of a different time, that now is out of date. We have been here for some time, with lots of memories and feelings attached to many places and ideas, but it's now time to move on. All will come to light and all will be revealed, but not without us shining a light on it, and talking about it. YES, these are strange times, but hasn't it always been so in the big transition periods throughout the ages? Try to remember!
This is just the beginning...


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