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A Change in Plans
2005 05 12

By Operation Terra |

All right, now. We have asked to speak with you because there has been a change in plans. As we have indicated, the Creator loves surprises, and now we are also surprised by some recent events that have presented for us to respond to.

It appears that those of the higher-density STS polarity have concluded that things are not going the way they want on the surface of the planet, primarily in that they have become impatient for the "fireworks" to begin. What this translates to is an acceleration in the speed at which events will unfold, primarily in the realm of wars and human suffering. These higher-density beings feed off the emotions of fear and its offspring: anger, rage, jealousy, and hatred -- the more intense the better, from their perspective. They know, as we do, that the time is growing short and they wish to maximize THEIR harvest as much as we wish to maximize ours.

So an order has gone forth and is being communicated in various ways to their servants in 3D whose vibratory pattern matches those of the higher-density negative-polarity entities. This order is sourcing from the 6th- and 5th-density levels, passed down to their 4th-density operatives, and seeded into the consciousness of the humans on the ground who serve them and their agendas. The humans experience this urging as an impatience and an impulsiveness within themselves, but they are largely unaware that it does not begin within them. What the result will be is not wholly known at this point in the unfolding of the drama, but there is enough of a potential for an escalation into a state of global war that we have decided to move up some of OUR plans as well.

Accordingly, we have asked for assistance from within OUR ranks and those who are scheduled to be lifted in the first and second waves will be worked with more directly than in the past. It is necessary to increase the speed at which you are lifted through the various frequency bands, and each of you has been assigned at least one "helper" to tend to you as you experience this acceleration. You may feel some symptoms of the acceleration, and we wanted to let you know so you would not become alarmed. There will be sensations of a "state of emergency" that are a result of your body's response to the increased speed, just as you might feel if you were in some type of vehicle -- airplane, car, or train -- that suddenly began moving faster than you were comfortable with. The acceleration carries within it a feeling of greater and greater speed, and your bodies respond with sensations of "jitters," "butterflies in the stomach," light but passing nausea, and an odd mixture of anxiety, anticipation, and excitement.

This will be more of a "wild ride" than we had originally planned, and our advice is for you to remember to breathe when you feel these feelings arising within you. It will also be easier to remain comfortable within the acceleration if you sink INTO the experience, much as you would settle into your contoured seat on a spaceship. As you feel the stimulus of this acceleration, keep your attention on calming yourself by deepening your breathing, closing your eyes, and choosing over and over to trust the movement and those who are creating it.

The whole intent and purpose of this response is to move up your entry into a higher frequency band so we can tuck you away safely onto the ships before the wars are fully unleashed on the ground. This will also require that whatever energies reside within you that are not compatible with these higher frequencies be purged from your system, so that translates to a more rapid clearing of those energies. Your attendants from our ranks will be working with you to ease the symptoms of those clearings, but you can also make things easier on yourself by choosing to ride this wave of change calmly and without resistance.

It is the resistance that keeps the energy from moving, and it is an innate tendency to resist when movement seems to be pushing, rather than carrying you along. If you can choose to relax INTO the movement and trust it, you can more easily experience this, with the least amount of discomfort possible. Above all, if you find yourself experiencing fear, breathe deeply and do those things that calm you. Create sanctuary within yourself and your immediate environment. Detach from the drama going on around you. If you are constantly listening to the news broadcasts, you will only increase your adrenaline levels, and it will much easier to slide into fear and anxiety about what is happening. We advise you to pull your attention toward ways of calming yourself, rather than in ways of stimulating yourself. Slow things down for yourself as much as you can, and it will be a smoother transition. Do less and do it with full attention and it will be easier for you to glide through these changes smoothly.

We are not going to place estimates on the timeframe for your lifting into the ships at this time. We will be keeping pace and tracking each of you individually, and we have reserve capacity to handle this acceleration, both while it is going on and afterward. Once you are on the ships, the rest of your processing will take place, and we are preparing to receive you in greater numbers than before. We had intended to lift you gradually over the next year and a half, but now we must get you off the surface of the planet much sooner. We expect the wars to occur later this year, and a financial collapse to follow, so we want to make sure you are safe and provided for by then. We are working with a system of probabilities, and things are subject to change if new information arrives. We will do our best to keep you informed in all ways -- through these Messages and also through direct inspiration, so keep your inner radio tuned to our frequency band as much as you can and pay attention to those subtle messages that seem to arise within you.

In the meantime, know that you are loved, that you are precious to us, and that we are standing with you at all times and in all ways. You are never alone and we so look forward to having you among us again.

Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth. We are the Hosts of Heaven.

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