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The 4th Day News - 4th Issue - Balance; is the only Victory and the only Glory
2005 05 18

By Ian Lungold |

May 17, 2005 | 11 - Serpent

First I want to express as well as I can with these words, my deepest gratitude for everyone who has wished me well through this latest adventure. And a special thanks to Madaline who has been growing with me as we have taken each step together in this marvelous and drastic healing process. Getting sick wasn’t so bad it was gradual it took a while sneaking up on me yah know? It’s been this quick YOU turn around and this accelerated healing process that has hurt like hell. What a morning of the 4th Day this has been! (Dawn, Dec 4, 04 – Noon, June 1, 05 Dusk, Nov. 28, 2005) I’m impressed. (You can read the whole raging saga if you wish by going to this link on the Mayan Majix website:

Well, let’s start with an update on how my body is doing.

On March 23rd, 2005 I heard I had cancer from lab test results. On April 3rd I started getting Ozone treatments and drinking a diet of fresh, raw, organic Fruits & Vegetables and taking Black Salve and Mega-H. By April 20th the Cancer was no longer in my body. My body’s PH now hovers around 7.2 Cancer cannot live in that kind of environment. What is still in my body is the remains of the tumor that had grown inside my right lymph gland. It is about the size and shape of my thumb. That means that the lymph gland which is usually ¼ inch long or so is a little stretched you could say. Yes, this is painful, even to swallow and I can’t chew anything yet because the jaw muscles and joint are too upset. Next, this lymphic tumorous mass grew right between some very sensitive muscles in my neck and then fell from my jaw line to where it is riding right on top of my vocal cords. This is why my voice sounds very weird and it hurts to speak. So the “great” speaker Ian Xel Lungold is not what or who he thought he was anymore is he? (Haven’t I read somewhere about people discovering who and what they are not?) Well, at least for the moment I am more or less in silent retreat. There are two ways to fix this. One is let nature and my body take its time dissolving the tumor and put up with the pain and condition until it’s over in a few months to a year. The other is to raise the cash to get the mass removed surgically.

I have really gotten a chance over the last 52 days since March 23rd to sit and look at what I have been doing with my life in the 57 years that I have been on the planet in this body. And I have had some time to do some stuff and to gather some experience. While I am not especially proud of every moment, I am extremely satisfied with what my xperience has come together to build. Like a sculpture, a poem or a painting well done, there it is. Go ahead and look, even stare and point if you wish, here’s what I’ve done. (And there’s more to be done my friends.)

The one thing that has jumped right out at me in the self examination of my life is that my own truth has always been the best medicine even if it was the most bitter.

“What you pay attention to you become conscious of.” And the obverse, “What you do not pay attention to you are not conscious of and will eventually become the effect of rather than at cause over.” In all of my 57 years these circumstances of paying attention or not are all that has happened over and over in many different ways. That is all that has happened in my recent life as well. Over the last couple of years I have not been spending enough attention on my body to keep it well and then I became the effect of it.

Attention is the first step of any manifestation.

Intention is the next step in manifestation of what ever is wanted and needed.

The next step in manifestation is Integrity.

The last step of manifestation is being connected to your Intuition.

The statement “You only get what you ask for,” is true because it is a stated intention that can focus the attention of multiple beings on one particular out come from a sea of possible futures. It is the collective focus that actually brings about the manifestation. Once again looking over my life I find that there has always been a level of very basic survival, you might say Spartan rather than comfortable that I have expected. In other words what I asked for (very little) and that is what I have gotten. I have not consistently asked for more for myself. A perfect example of this is how we sell our tapes, videos and DVDs. We tell people; “Please buy one and then copy it as many times as you want to and give them away.” That is how I have been in general about money. “Come to the talks whether you can donate or not” or “Here.” “Have a Mayan calendar if you will share it with others.” These are things that you who know me have heard me say and seen me do. I have not asked a lot for myself and so I do not have a lot. Simple as that. For instance I do not have the $20,000 to $30,000 that the surgery would cost.

What I do have, is 3000+ people who are now very conscious of my current situation and available to witness the mechanics of manifestation. Statistically each of you on average forwards this news letter 10 times so that is 30,000 readers at least and because some web sites and bulletin boards carry this as well, there’s an untold number of people who are reading these articles. That is a whole lot of attention exposed and focused on an intended outcome.

The next step in manifestation is Integrity.

Integrity is a wholeness that is transparent and establishing Integrity, involves follow through and sustainability. Integrity is the gut check in the process of manifestation. There is a building and support on the part of creation itself when an intention is based on integrity. If there is a lacking of integrity in any manifestation there comes immediately due and payable, an enormous spiritual cost of decreased awareness on the part of the individuals involved and opportunities for those persons to connect with the rest of creation are strangled off with pangs of guilt and moves of self defense. Through-out all of history we have seen the falling of the greedy and mighty. Once again we are all going to witness the fall of those who have created out of balance manifestations and systems in the next few years. Ethics and Integrity are sustainable because they are built on balance. Might, greed and the power to dominate can not be sustained because it lacks the integrity found in balance.

Balance; is the only Victory and the only Glory. (You can quote me on that.)

Integrity is wholeness and transparency so being as honest with yourself and as many others as possible in as big an arena as possible are the intuitive actions to take at this time. This is how we will connect and know each other my brothers and sisters, by our willingness and ability to reach out to assist each other and in turn be fully open to receive what we truly need. This is the evolution of consciousness we are moving through right now. We’re individually connecting and surrendering to our oneness nature.

Intuitively, instinctually I reached out to you my family, in a message near the end of March announcing that I had cancer and mentioning donations. From that message miracles manifested including the Ozone treatments and approximately $3,200.00 in donations. Thank you so very much to the 30 or so people who have donated. Matty and I have fed, transported, housed, treated and medicated ourselves and I have healed from cancer with those funds. Once again, we received just exactly what was needed and thank you all. Riding our intuition, splashing in the light and flow of creation has been the greatest test and joy through all of Matty and my adventures. In your intuition you step as a child into your future, open to all of creation’s options and solutions. Matty and I stand in awe of how everything has flowed in our lives and we have only increased our trust by the use of it. Even this latest bout with illness and pain has brought blessing and lessons that would not otherwise have been realized or learned. I am grateful to have received these and to have been able to share what I have so far with all of you.

What I am doing here, is stating what is now needed and wanted and together we will see it manifest into my ability to go back to doing talks in person and on the radio with a brand new view point and appreciation for the dear gift of life and a deepen understanding of our ability to manifest our own reality as I have just literally done, as I have walked away from death’s door over the past 40 days.

So statistically here are about 30,000 of you who read each 4th Day News including this one. If the information you have received from these postings has been worth a dollar or two, or ten or $100.00 send it along as a donation through PAYPAL and we will have collectively manifested exactly what I have been speaking about.

To make a donation via Pay Pal or Check or M/O:

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Attention, Intention, Integrity and Intuition = Manifestation.

If you have your own thoughts or opinions about my request please respond with those as well. (Please send to Those thoughts and feelings are all part of this manifestation whether pro or con so please do share them and some will be posted at our web page if that is alright with you.

Also please understand that I recognize each donation as an investment in the further dissemination of the truths that I am honored to carry and that I fully intend that each of you receive a return on that investment.

Now in brief what we should be seeing in the next few months. We rapidly approach June 1st which is the mid point or pivot point of the Galactic consciousness cycle on the Mayan calendar. From that day on consciousness will be much more focused on ethics and integrity and increasingly intolerant of shady dealings. This will increase the pressure on those who are sustained by domination. These beings will begin lashing out in earnest now as their actions and motives are systematically uncovered by increasing consciousness. Do not be seduced by your emotions to go rise up and demonstrate against the government, police or religious orders and such.

Stay alert and stay out of the way while making your own way.

The act of shying away from those negative influences in its self will sometimes be great tests of courage. In the “world” there will be great tides of emotion stirred by outrageous events designed to polarize the public. We will see people moving, shifting relationships and disappearing from our lives in every way you can imagine. Each of us stands to gain more than we can lose in every sense. All that we now know or possess is based on the limits of what had been discovered and developed in the past up to this point. The very basis of our energy economy and world order is just about to go extinct as free energy is scheduled to come on line publicly in the next few months. From here on my friends, possibilities are going to explode as the consciousness lid comes off on new technologies like Zero Point energy, levitation and teleportation. The fact that we are each manifesting our own reality will become a wide spread agreement and there will be teaching and practice of creating alternate realities as the world of systematic economic and political domination falls into its own chaos.

We are not here to “Save the World” We are here to rebuild a paradise.

Get ready to gather, ready yourself to answer the call to walk your dreams.
(That is how, when and why they come true.)

Do not fear change or consequence, embrace growth into more possibilities.
Through the very worst of circumstance you are still creating the outcome.
Make it a good one.

In service,
Ian Xel Lungold

You are all invited to join Matty and I along with some local friends on May 20th at 6:00pm Pacific time 9:00pm Eastern Standard Time as we will be performing a ceremony here in Sedona to celebrate the meaning of One Star on the Mayan Calendar. One Star means the beginning of abundance in all things, in all directions to all relations. Think on the nature of a star which gives with everything its got as a life style and you get the idea of what star is about. One is intensity, a laser beam of intent, which doubles the energy of Star on that day and begins a building of star energy or abundance over the next 13 days. Help us open this portal and partake yourself of the multiplying possibilities.

Thank you,
Matty and Ian

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