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The Fall Of Us All?
(Self Determinism/Other Determinism)
2005 04 17

By Ian Lungold |

Note from Ian:
This is a warning about this article;
Right after I finished writing this, issues that had been roiling under the surface erupted into my reality and I was diagnosed with cancer. Yes, this condition had been sneaking up for a while but when I wrote this truth is when it went bang into my life. The cancer was on the right side of my throat in the lymph gland. I thought it was a dental problem for a few months there. If you have anything riding there it just might show up to be handled very quickly once you have read this article. Just a heads-up.

Here we sit, in a supposedly solid reality created in 720 degrees all around our consciousness. This “solid” reality has supposed limits and barriers which cannot be over come. (Though, consciousness has been overcoming them in leaps and bounds recently.) How did we come to be in this situation in the first place? Many religions tell us in their cosmology that we entered into physical being through a fall from grace, that Creation was split asunder when the forces of “Light” and “Dark” divided into two camps. (Sounds like this could have been the Big Bang to me.)

What was this really? What really happened here? It had better be a simple answer.

An answer that every part of creation and consciousness can resonate with as the truth or it is not an answer at all. In my humble opinion, what really happened was the birth of individual consciousness through a decision to be self-determined.  This decision set up the condition that one was separate and individual from all else in creation so that one could have an outside or witnessing point of view. The outside and individual point of view was purposely put on a divergent track to that of the static state of source (God/Goddess) and the initial gradual separation was, we now realize, an ever-accelerating one.

 So the separation from Creation or Source or Light, got greater and greater, faster and faster. Eventually we lost sight of the fact that we were creating our own reality and in the ensuing confusion we set out on a search to find other viewpoints to confirm our experience. The meeting of viewpoints happens when people see things the same way or think in a similar way about something. So agreements happen in the mechanism we call the mind. The mind being electro-magnetic fields or screens that a being projects his creation upon to be viewed by his and other’s consciousness. Anywhere that two minds meet in agreement, the idea becomes more real. The more agreement there is that something exists, the more “Real” that something becomes.

Take aging for an example. There is a lot of agreement about that and so people really do age. But note they age at different rates? It is not absolute and fixed so this “reality” of aging is somewhat arbitrary. Which means; aging is Arbitrary. Don’t it? The idea of aging is only an agreement lodged in the mind. But look at how “real” that limitation has been for us all. Remember, this all started with the idea that we wanted to do it our way, as individuals. Our purpose evidentially is to demonstrate our self-determinism while experiencing creation as an individual point of view. This grand experiment has wound around and around itself to the point where we are today. Seemingly, trapped in a creation not of our making and dealing with causes and effects in a very surface level manner. Like echoes in a canyon, causes and effects are bouncing about our heads in a confusing jumble. Overwhelmed, our consciousness crouches in our minds set in “self-determined” logic as a defense of course, against “other determinism”.

Gottcha! Catch 22.

The Mechanics work something like this; you are stopped in your car at an intersection that is a side street onto a main drag of town. You really want to turn left. There is an unending stream of traffic and you REALLY want to turn left. If you allow it to, your self determinism turns up on high beam and illuminates your mind that you are being thwarted by the conditions you are witnessing. All those other drivers and cars are now in your way! In other words you end up “Other Determined” the moment and to the degree that you decide to become “Self-Determined.”  This simple process within your mind is the source of all evil intent and destructive acts through-out Creation. It is this process that sets up defenses (Sets of reasons) along a line of “logic” and proceeds to build walls between the being and the rest of creation which contains the source of his/her total self and creative abilities.  Me, against everything and everyone else! So the fall of us all, was and is the mechanism we call the mind which by the way, is the only place that the idea that we are separate from all else, could possibly be living.

(The solution of course is to be Pan- Determined and go with the flow.  In the traffic situation we would turn right, then left across only one lane of traffic, then left again and then turn right to be going in the direction that you wanted to go.)

 (Pan = spanning across)

Our whole journey as mankind over the last 100,000 years has been the uncovering of what already exists. We have gone from the ability to decide, through the consciousness of reasons and on to law. In the last 390 years the discoveries of natural law (science) have been converted to power matching the purpose of  the planetary consciousness cycle that began in 1755 AD and now (since Jan 5, 1999) we move on to the consciousness of ethics and integrity or sustainability.

For the last 100,000 years consciousness has step by step become aware of more and more of creation which is ultimately being created by us. In other words, this whole process is of us coming back to the full realization that we indeed are creating our entire experience, both what we consider good and bad.

 The next pivotal point in this evolution is right on the horizon. It is coming on June 1st and 2nd of 2005. June 1st is the last day before the mid point of the Galactic consciousness cycle which is all about Ethics and Integrity overcoming the consciousness of Power or domination. June 2nd is when Ethics and Integrity does become and from then on is the prevailing consciousness of our planet and as far as we know, this entire created 3-D universe.

 Think of a ruler set on the edge of a table or counter at a 45 degree angle. Now slowly push the rule up over the edge until you have passed the mid point. The ruler does lie down on the table doesn’t it? This is the same mechanism that we approach on the part of consciousness. Right now, the consciousness of Ethics and Integrity LOOMS over that of Power and Dominance. Once the mid point has been passed, the incoming consciousness does become prevailing with no doubt and then it just keeps moving, bulldozing all of physical reality with the intent of creation itself to evolve or be eradicated in the process.

Making that pivotal turn to match consciousnesses movement, means allowing rather than attempting to control, events in our experience. This, as I have been writing over and over again will be our greatest test. To go ahead and just allow all of the rapid shifts and changes coming into our reality will be, Our Greatest Test. Get ready to lighten your load so that we can more precisely flow with creation and to have less sh_t to get snagged up on during the process. The greatest load each of us are carrying is our mind and all of its reasons (logics) on why things are, must or should be any certain way or another.

These mental conditions are the baggage that can get snagged and impede our otherwise free movement in consciousness. You already knew that, from your own experience didn’t you?

All systems lacking integrity (that’s most of our current systems of economy and government and medical) are set to breakdown because they are not sustainable.

 Also, they can not change quickly enough to keep up with the shifts of consciousness.

Just like the Dinosaurs they are going to go extinct.

Now, what should you do about it? Nothing! Doing nothing, will be the best way to go through all the shifts approaching. The less you have to DO and the more you can just BE, the better off you will be as we go through these coming changes. If you are in a position where you have to DO certain things in order to survive you are in the wrong place. When you have created a situation where you can just be with the land, air and water, when you can be in a flow with nature and its abundance, then you are in a good position. This is why the down trodden Maya, the Hopi and other Native Americans (who have remained true to traditional ways) and scattered indigenous people around the world “living off the land”, have the superior position. The MEEK shall inherit the earth my friends.  I myself am not in that enviable position. (Though I am intentionally drifting that a-way) There are still things that I must do to get by. Like make money for instance. I trust that the vast majority of you reading this are in the same situation.

 These messages that I send are not to make you comfortable with your current holdings in a world gone mad. These writings are to spur you to action to get yourself lined up with natural forces and with your intuition that will assist you ride the tide of swift change enveloping our world.

 I am not passing sentence on you or anyone. You each create your own situations and destiny along with the others that surround you. The more people that surround you the more you are subject to their creations as part of your experience. Over the years I have had many people tell me that if they just believe that they will be okay, that nothing untoward will happen to them, they will be fine no matter where they are.

For all those folks living in the congested cities, how many of you have been in a traffic jam? How many of you have been at the collective effect of thousands of cars blocking your intended journey? There you have a perfect example of the effects of co-creation in your reality. None of those cars or drivers was intending to stop you, them selves or anyone else. But there you all were, subject to the co-created situation. This kind of situation is what is going to happen on a massive scale as the systems within our society crumble. Is this tough to read? Good. That means this message is sinking in.

Trusting in your own ability to manifest your survival is paramount to actually achieving that survival. Adjusting your circumstances to change the odds in your favor is (in my opinion) just as important. Be prepared. You would wear a coat in below zero degree weather wouldn’t you? The seasons are natural cyclic changes that we are familiar with. The changes coming, are natural ones that we can now recognized as cyclic because of the Mayan calendar and the exposure of the schedule of the evolution of consciousness.

BE prepared. As the Hopi have told us; Know where your water is, Know where your food is, Know all of your relations. (In the middle of a large population center how many of the thousands around you do you actually know or them know you?)

The purpose of survival is to perpetuate consciousness in such a manner that it can continue to evolve. Evolution, as far as I can tell, is the accumulation of tools or options and understandings to improve survival potential or the quality of survival. The purpose of extinction is to eliminate unworkable systems or organisms so that consciousness does not get bogged down and may continue to evolve to higher levels of survival.

According to the schedule disclosed by the Mayan calendar, we are now at one of those crucial points of choice between evolution and extinction. We have much to look forward to in our future as consciousness continues to unveil the nature of our creation and our native spiritual abilities.

So which is it for you?

Intending the best for all your creations, Ian Xel Lungold

March 18, 2005


I wrote the above in L.A. around February 25th or so and it felt unfinished so I did not send it to my editor or anybody for that matter. I needed some time to stew with it. Oh Boy!

I left L.A. and went back to Canada with the idea that I would handle a dental problem that had been nagging me for about 9 months. I had been to a couple of dentists to have x-rays and they said they found an abscess in my jaw. I would have to have at least two teeth pulled as I did not have the money to fix them. When I got to a Canadian dentists he took one look into my mouth and said; ”You need to go see a doctor right away.”

He had taken an x-ray himself and could find no abscess. What he did see, was a growth that had formed on the right inside of my throat and a swelling lymph gland showing on the outside. I went to the doctor and she asked me what my sexual orientation was? What? I asked. She explained that she did not know exactly what it was that was happening in my throat but it looked like something that would be caused by HIV or Cancer. Oh! Right about then I was feeling very assured don’t you know? They took my blood for tests and sent me home to wait 4 days for the results. During those 4 days I had my own little mind hell to go through and a decision to make. Now I have not been an angel my whole life but I did get a negative HIV test result in October of 2003 and I had only been with Madaline since that time. Somehow, this was not good enough for my fertile mind and it would spin me into the “I am going to die” mode two or three times per day. (Or more.) HIV or Cancer which one do you like best?

I would have to scrape myself together and then I’d go on. Sometimes believing that death couldn’t be all that bad actually. It would be somewhat an adventure after all. And other times I would wonder what kind of creep I must be to created this sort of situation for my self. And at other times I could see that all of this death stuff was incredibly unlikely possibilities. In other words I was on an emotional/mental roller-coaster that tore me up pretty good until I came to that moment. That moment when I saw why I had created this situation to begin with. I had brought myself to a point of decision.

Most of you know that I have been preaching that we each create our own reality?

Well, that has been my conviction. And now it was either put up or shut up about all of that. Either I was creating my own reality or not. Either I was creating my survival or I was the effect of creation and headed for a quick and dwindling death.

I slammed in and out of that a couple of times before I made it through to the fact that if I created this situation in the first place then I could modify the out come anyway that I desired. I decided that I might as well go for the better option.

On March 11th I went under the knife in North Vancouver, Canada and had my weird tonsil removed and a Biopsy taken from the lymph gland with a needle. (No Fun!)

The biopsy test results are not in as yet but the throat is healing normally (still sore) and the swelling has gone down quite a bit in the lymph gland over the last few days. So these are very positive signs that I will survive and I will be able to go on speaking and writing, living and loving and being there to witness this evolution of us all. I count that as good and as a manifestation of my decision to create my future rather than succumbing to an untimely end. This also means that my creations have come under more conscious control through this extreme and direct test. And of that, I am extremely glad because it is my intent to create abundance for the transformation of consciousness and a world wide educational campaign laying out the evolutionary schedule that Dr. Carl Calleman has proven within the Mayan calendar.

Now what I wrote previously has come into better focus and I have really gotten to watch my own process through this. I had come to a point where death was an okay option.

 I could “allow” that to happen to me. Hey! It’s happened to everybody else who’s ever been here. So I could allow that but I could also allow for a different future. One that contained success rather than failure and pleasure instead of deeper and deeper pain.

Of course we will all see what eventually turns out from all of this but is sure is exciting to go through. A little painful and stressful for sure, but very exciting I must say!

I also want to apologize publicly to my body for having not paid greater attention to it.

It was in pain and because I did not want to ask for financial help and because I felt that I should not be a burden on anyone and just do my job, the problem got worse than it ever needed to become. In extreme desperation I eventually got the $3000.00 to do the operation as a personal loan and I will have to get that money back as soon as possible, but here I am. In a couple of weeks I will be available to come and do talks in your area.

If you know about a local interest in the Mayan calendar data, please contact me about any groups that could be gathered. From there I can start forming a tour from one area or group to another. I am open to receive and to ask for donations in order to repay my operation costs as I am pretty sure you all understand.

Soon to be back in service,

Ian Xel Lungold

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