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Richard William Hamlin in Jail? Incest atrocities with connections to Mk-Ultra
2005 04 12

Open Letter From Richard Hamlin:

Upated: 04.11.05

Greetings from El Dorado County Jail.

I want to thank the hundreds of people who have given my legal team support. Your e-mails, letters, and prayers have been felt and truly appreciated. Most importantly, those of you that have helped expose the child rapists behind my wrongful incarceration, I can’t thank you enough. My chances of winning my trial have improved greatly due to your efforts.

I want to begin by clarifying what this case is all about. My x-wife revealed to the El Dorado County sheriff’s that she has been ritually raped and actually tortured repeatedly by her father Dr. Sidney Siemer. My x-wife, Susan Hamlin, also confessed that she and her father, Dr. Siemer, molested our four children. Susan also admitted to molesting her own children by herself. She also told the sheriff’s department that Dr. Siemer used, at times, "Satanic ritual manipulation" to further his trauma, incest, and rape.

The traditional media has focused almost exclusively on the “Satanic” angle of this case. Such reporting in a miscarriage of justice to the real overriding issue of incest and molest and the psychotic methods child molesters will enforce to perpetrate their ongoing abuse.

This case is about incest. Susan Hamlin revealed that Dr. Siemer raped Susan and her three siblings and enforced his control over them through various forms of torture and tremendous fear.

This case is about incest. The abuse did not stop when the children left the home. Dr. Siemer, according to his daughter Susan, continued to have sex with her after she was married. Susan Hamlin stated her father had sex with her the night before our wedding.

This case is about incest. Susan Hamlin stated that she and her siblings were swapped with other incestuous families. She states that they were prostituted. Sleepovers at the Siemer’s provided the Dr. with an ongoing cattle of victims. The abuse was not contained to Dr. Siemer’s own children. According to Susan, she helped to allow her father, who raped her, more access to do the same to other children.

This case is about incest. Left untreated and unresolved—the victim becomes the perpetrator. Dr. Siemer “taught” Susan Hamlin how to molest her own children. Susan admitted to El Dorado County sheriffs that she molested her own children by herself and continued to let her father abuse her and our own children in Fresno, California.

This case is about incest. When Dr. Siemer’s son-in-law (me, Richard William Hamlin) began to publicly expose him as a child rapist and sought out law enforcement to arrest him, he decided, according to his daughter Susan Hamlin, to have me killed. When Susan appeared ready to abandon her role in the murder conspiracy and go to the police, Dr. Siemer, again according to Susan, had an associate beat her badly. The beating was meant to send a clear message to Susan to “stick with the murder plan” and not talk with the police. This was all documented in Susan Hamlin’s 2/26/04 statement to the police detectives.

Dr. Siemer was trying to shut me up.
He wanted me out of the way so he could avoid prosecution and could once again take full control of his daughter and her children for his sick incestuous predator addiction.

2/26/04: a day I thought was the end of Dr. Siemer’s incestuous reign of abuse.

My x-wife had revealed all. Apparently, her report was too much for El Dorado County, which seems to have a tendency to protect child molesters rather than prosecute them. Perhaps it was too tough a case. Their non-reaction in not properly investigating or prosecuting Dr. Siemer affected Susan Hamlin severely. The predator was still loose, and as her father had already told her: “No one will believe you.”

Two days later, Susan began to panic about her revelations and the wrath of her father. So in order to protect her father and herself from prosecution and/or her father’s punishment—she made up the lie that I beat her into making her original confessions. She now denies she was molested and denies she molested our children. Susan has decided to reunite with the monster. She is now back under the control of her father and other incestuous family members. It is the Siemer family’s desire to keep me locked up for 15 years to life. The Siemer family wants to maintain control over my four beautiful children with free reign to abuse them at will.

Fortunately, through our investigative efforts, we will not allow this to happen. We will win.

We have been able to obtain Susan’s diaries and journals. They support completely her original statement of 2/26/04. Susan wrote that she was molested, raped, and tortured by her father and she wrote of molesting her children with her father and by herself.

We have just received a report from a handwriting expert which confirms that Susan’s diaries and journals were not written under duress or dictated. She wrote them freely and with deep thought.

We have found a high school friend of Susan’s who will testify that Dr. Siemer molested her while she and Susan slept in the Siemer living room.

We have found that Susan’s sister Terri Aal has been involved in counseling due to her belief that she was molested. Susan has stated that her sister initially believed Dr. Siemer molested her but has “no memories.”

We have found a note written by Susan to a Siemer associate and conspirator in the murderer plot of me. The note was written by Susan to declare that she no longer wanted to be a part of the murder conspiracy.

We have obtained my 2nd son’s kindergarten “wish list,” written seven years ago, where he wrote: “I wish my mom would stop licking me.”

Renowned and well-respected investigative reporter, Virginia McCullough from has discovered the following:

“Dr. Siemer is a high ranking member of a CIA sanctioned child molestation ring called “the Finders.”
This of course is consistent with Michael Riconosciuto’s testimony that Dr. Siemer worked on illegal biological warfare research for the CIA and US Intelligence groups in Indio in 1982.

What we have found is that Dr. Sidney Siemer is a child molester. A child rapist. A predator who used methods of control he learned as a member of the Military Intelligence division of the US Army to further his crimes. Based on the evidence we have gathered we believe that Dr. Siemer was involved with the MK ULTRA program initiated by the Central Intelligence Agency. The MK ULTRA program taught men how to control and affect others through brain washing, and mind control methods using radiation and experimental biological agents. Susan described her father’s use of mind control as a mix of classical conditioning with hypnosis, electric shock, sensory deprivation, and family cult involvement to increase fear. Other witnesses tell of Dr. Siemer’s involvement in radiation experiments, covert operations, and have confirmed his high security clearance.

Also important is Dr. Siemer’s immediate entry into our higher educational system upon “leaving” military intel to acquire his PHD in Biological Chemistry. His chosen field is a perfect match for biological warfare research and as stated by Michael Riconosciuto, Siemer in fact does work with illegal biological agents for private interest groups. So, we have a man that used mind control, learned from our own government, to create the perfect incestuous family. Through what the government taught him, Siemer set out with deliberation to use that information to perpetuate his desire to have sex with his own children. Dr. Siemer knew that if you cause enough trauma in children their minds split into different personalities in order to survive. While the child survives during the trauma—its internal defense mechanism creates an amnesiac wall to protect the child from remembering but also protects the perpetrator from being found out. How has Siemer escaped detection?

Intimidation and friends in high places. Biological warfare research creates strange bedfellows. Perhaps a little quid pro quo?

Men like Dr. Sidney Siemer need to be stopped. Our legal team is not afraid of him. I am not afraid of him even as I face a possible life sentence for a crime I did not commit. Michael Riconosciuto is not afraid of Siemer’s group—even though the Federal Court has retaliated against Michael.

Child abuse is too important to ignore. We need your help. This is a fight for our children and for our future. If you know anything about Dr. Sidney Siemer, Susan Siemer Hamlin or individuals in child molest groups, families, or cults—please come forward. We need to hear from you. If you have been a victim—we want to hear from you. We must work together and we must act now.

Let me tell you about guilt. My children were hurt right under my own care. I feel that I should have been more aware of something wrong happening. I should have paid more attention to my children. I didn’t. I cared about me, material things, and my career. I didn’t see that my babies needed protection from grandpa, grandma, Mom, and their aunts and uncles.

For that I can never forgive myself.

At least I will not continue to make those mistakes. I will fight on and will not stop until the true criminals in this case are exposed—justice done—and the children’s health and welfare restored.

This is your fight too. Look at the examples we have. Michael Riconosciuto is in jail. He has fought the government over and over again. He could have seen my plight and said, “It’s not my fight,” yet he won’t. With nothing to gain—except a sense of justice and truth—he volunteered his information about Dr. Sidney Siemer.

As a result he has been removed from his medical facility to a new medical prison where his health has been greatly endangered. He has been sent to the “hole.” He has had paperwork from my case taken away. Yet, he fights on. He receives nothing from me except thanks and yet; he continues to fight for the truth.

Look to reporter Virginia McCullough who fights to constantly expose the truth despite threats and intimidation. McCullough is a rare breed of reporter who doesn't give up on a story but continues to investigate to get the full story. Hers is an investigation, not a politically correct sound bite.

Look to investigator Ted L. Gunderson who also continues to fight for the truth. Despite being the subject of disinformation, misquoted in the media, Ted continues to fight these sick individuals who perpetuate the worst horror known to mankind: the abuse of our children.

Look to my brother, Bradley Mason Hamlin, a highly skilled researcher who has taken time away from his career as an author, editor, and publisher to dedicate countless hours helping to uncoverthe truth.

I appeal to you, people I have yet to meet, come forward. We need your help. If you have information, you can and will make a difference.

Thank you,

Richard William Hamlin

300 Forni Road
Placerville CA

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