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Renaissance, Enlightenment, Transcendence
2005 04 12

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America’s true destiny as the child of the European Enlightenment (1700s) is realized in Generation X. The goal to create humanist free thinking people who have a deep sense of spirit and awareness of their role in the Universe, has been realized in the multi-cultural, highly individualized backbone of the future.

Benjamin Franklin was the Ambassador of European philosophy and High Priest of American Free Masons. The players around him, Washington, Jefferson, Adams, etc… were the reflection of the political will spawned by the ideas sprung forth from his pen.

In his time, Western Culture was transitioning from the Baroque (Bach) to the Classical era (Mozart). Artists, musicians, and writers were rediscovering what had a brief flowering in the Renaissance (daVinci), the beauty of self-awareness and creativity, devoid of the encumbrance of the church. The Renaissance of course was a hearkening back to the Aesthetic of the Ancient Greeks.

The founding fathers, steeped in these high-minded ideals, set out to create a flexible system that allowed for growth, and facilitated the intrinsic divinity of the common person. Understanding the magnificence of the full spectrum of possibilities, open discourse was seen as essential to the process of national discovery.

As America began her journey into the world community, many problems were to distract from the original intention. After the early struggles gaining governmental momentum, another war with Britain (1812) was soon to follow. Barely missing a beat, the Mexican-American war continued America’s expansion into Texas and later California.

Unfortunately, there was still little time to “just live” because in the (1860s) the American Civil War (fomented by the European powers) turned brother against brother. This bloody war of opposing ideology could be called World War 0, and was the fruition of the seeds of political division that had been in the American lexicon since the beginning.

America became a player on the World Stage after the turn of the century’s Spanish-American war. Teddy’s War was fought under a false pretense that the Spanish had destroyed an American ship. Nonetheless, nothing ventured, nothing gained in geopolitics. The reward was that it prepared the country to be drawn into Europe’s WWI (1914-1918). Over 50,000 American deaths later, the rest of the boys came home and the roaring 20’s blew off steam right up until the depression.

FDR’s reign saw the New Deal, and the beginning of the Social Security problems that we have until this day. Of course the new Social Security number was NOT MEANT FOR IDENTIFICATION PURPOSES. “No foreign wars!” was the cry, right up until getting involved in foreign wars. World tensions spilled over to Hawaii (not yet a state at the time), and it’s war once more: WWII (1940-45).

The dust had barely settled 300,000 American bodies later, when Stalin again rattled his saber, then thrust it across the 38th parallel into the heart of South Korea. As usual, America’s boys were on the way to save the day. (1950-1953) MacArthur led the charge North, and after restoring the South, was bent on crushing the Commies. The Chinese wouldn’t have any part of it and launched a million man march, sending the Americans right back the way they had come. After MacArthur faded away, and 33,000+ more Americans had found their rest on a foreign battlefield, Truman (the only man to have actually nuked someone) found a stalemate that continues to this day.

The nuclear bomb scares/tests of the late 50s, led to the chaos and political turmoil of the ‘60s. JFK swept in and fueled the imagination with moon landing visions and almost saved the country from the economic slavery it is currently under with EXECUTIVE ORDER 11110. For this he was “whacked” and Johnson went right back to the status quo.

Eventually, the Unites States invaded another foreign nation (for more “good reasons”), and the phenomenon of reactionary Hippies was born. Sick of violence as a ruling philosophy, they created a counterculture advocating drugs and free love. While 50,000+ more Americans died in Vietnam, good tunes led the people in the homeland to search for meaning, and contact with Eastern Wisdom was made. Gurus from India began to infuse the populace with meditative principles and an understanding of Lao Tzu’s Tao. The grip of the church was loosening and for a few fleeting moments, joy appeared. Eventually Tricky **** Nixon had his crackdown, many of the Hippies became repressed, and would one day lose fortunes on the internet bubble.

To round out the bloodshed we have Reagan’s Latin American Ventures (1980’s), Gulf War I, Yugoslavia, (1990s) Afghanistan (2001), and Gulf War II (2003). Who knows what else lies on the immediate horizon? The main point to this brief summarization of American history is that: We are ADDICTED TO WAR.

The political limitations and the mindset that goes with it now threaten to make the original intent of America, impossible to salvage. The models of the Renaissance and Enlightenment injected with the Wisdom of India, point the way to the solution to set everything right. This movement is called the Transcendence.

Art and Science will at long last become the shining beacons to uplift humanity’s spirit and easily solve physical world challenges. The best of the past will unite with the brilliance of the present to sweep the Violence out and bring the Light in. It takes courage, conviction, and a steadfast belief that it can be done. Rather than criticize, lend a hand, and together we will restore our nation to the pristine heights of which it is capable. The Phoenix will rise from the ashes of war and learning the lessons of its birthing pains, the nation of America will lead humanity’s evolution by the heroic example of what a fear-less, self-aware, creativity based civilization can accomplish when set free.

Christopher Moors, President Transcendence Party

Kundalini rising,
C. Moors

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