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Get Ready!
2005 04 11

By Karen Bishop |


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We are at the launching pad now, perfectly poised for an incredible blast off.

As all necessary stages needed to be completed and there were still energies to clear away, so this created then, a sort of rocky time for us. With the arriving energies of March and the beginning of April supporting the release of even more of our ego identity, this time created some interesting feelings for us.

Feelings of loss of confidence, vulnerability, going back to the old, much doubt about things as well as self doubt, and even a let down of hope were created by this current stage.

When we experience and reach much higher states and become more and more present in the higher realms, it feels oh so good, exciting and perfectly right! Going back through the now quite large chasm to any old realities can be quite a let down.

As we move higher and higher in vibrational experience, we will eventually be engulfed in only that, but until then, there is a see-saw effect as we progress with our continuing evolution.

We have been given only as much as we can handle and are being stretched as much as we can possibly be, there-by moving the process forward as quickly as possible. Any more and we would break (although at times we think we just might!).

In addition, there is also existing an incredible feeling of power, expansion, bliss, an absence of fear, joy, re-connection and unity, and all the rightful feelings of being in the higher realms.

The energies are building now and the back-up booster engines are revving up as we are preparing for our blast off into the New World and this higher way of being.

I currently have a group of friends who are in Hawaii at the geographical spot of the "center of creation". Although they are very much my soul family, I am still here in Flagstaff physically, but am certainly together with them in Hawaii as well.

We are preparing to usher in the original blueprint energies for the Earth ( as are all of us). They are ready to be unleashed, most certainly. As the weather is very unpredictable now in many places, with much wind, rain, and snow (here in Flag today), it is simply a manifestation of all the power and force building.

It is as if a great gale as gathered as the old ego based energies are leaving and the energy of this New and incredible world is about to be birthed. There is a brief moment then, of a clash of the old and the New, as the old is about to move out with this New and incredible reality FINALLY arriving in full force. Nothing can stop it now.

So get ready folks, to move into the higher realms, as so many are arriving now! Will you choose to let go, surrender and release anything that you thought was you and that you thought was real, and open yourself up for a New and exciting way of being? Can you live in the moment, with no agendas or expectations, and simply experience this bliss? Can you allow this incredible New reality to reveal to you a way of life that you could not even have planned or imagined in your old ego mind? Wheeeeeee!

Are you ready to create the New World? Are you ready to make your unique and special contribution through your passion and joy?

I thank you for sharing in my joy of being me through this energy alert. Many blessings, much peace, and incredible joy in these miraculous times,


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About Karen: Karen Bishop has had lifelong inner knowing of human and planetary evolution and events, as well as psychic ability and multidimensional access since birth. She possesses a varied background in metaphysical studies and training. Karen left her prior career as a grantwriter, non-profit consultant and newspaper columnist to be in her joy and creativity through creating the What's Up On Planet Earth? energy alerts and web site. She is no longer giving Soul Readings, but is currently working on her book and on-line program"Finding Your Soul Purpose/A Part Of Ascension".

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