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Douglas James Cottrell - Deep Trance Meditation
2005 04 29

On Friday, April 15 Douglas reveiled answers obtained from the Akashic Record to questions from a previous radio program. During Deep Trance Meditation (a method used by Edgar Cayce), Douglas sends his mind to a remote time and place to gain insights into some very controversial subjects...

Very facinating and incredible insights...You can listen to the radio program that was broadcast on Friday, April 15 which has been posted at the following link:

Download Audio from: The Richard Syrett Show (Real Player)

1. Atlantis: What calamity caused the lost continent to sink, when, and where is it located?

2. Pearl Harbour: Did FDR have prior knowledge the Japanese would attack?

3. Was Mark David Chapman programmed to assassinate John Lennon?

4. 9/11: Were the Twin Towers brought down by the planes or were they imploded with explosives placed inside the towers? Were United Flight 175 and American Airlines Flight 11, the two planes that allegedly flew into the towers controlled remotely from the ground?

5. JFK: Who fired the fatal shots that killed the President? Were there other shooters located in sewers below Dealey Plaza?

6. Apollo 11. Was the Lunar Landing a Hoax?

7. Ark of the Covenant: Are the Biblical Accounts of the Ark true and where is the Ark located today?

Article from: Douglas James Cottrell - Newsletter


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