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April New Moon - Astroflash
2005 04 10

By Barbara Hand Clow |

Every spring the New Moon in Aries creates emotional patterns that help each of us clarify our understanding of the strong solar force that arrives with the Spring Equinox. Thus we must look back to the '05 Spring Equinox reading for a moment, especially since it is very influential for three months. I noted, for instance, that the Spring Equinox-with Sun/Venus in Aries/Pisces trining the Moon in late Cancer opposite Chiron/Mars-would set off a profound emotional tsunami that would connect all of humanity. Yet, at the time I could not predict how this energy might be expressed. What began happening soon after the Equinox was an American media obsession with the removal of Terri Schiavo's feeding tube, which was quickly followed by a global media obsession with the death of the Pope. In both cases, the degree of media attention was so out of proportion to the real importance of the issues, that any impartial observer might suspect that this was a smokescreen for something else. For whatever reason, obsession with the process of death will be a key theme until the Summer Solstice, and possibly the whole year. The Pope's funeral-an engineered program for culling human consciousness-occurs on the day of the April New Moon, which also happens to be the day of a solar eclipse.

These events are great opportunities for observing how human feelings are utilized to create mass waves of energy. First, let us consider the death of Terri Schiavo. Putting aside personal feelings about Mrs. Schiavo's death, it is possible to make a few general comments: 1) This drama forces people to think about whether their parents or their partners should have the power to make key decisions about their medical care. 2) It caused many more people to draw up living wills, which means more people are facing the inevitability of their own death. When each of us truly considers our own death, instead of living like it is never going to happen, we become spiritual warriors; nonphysical realities become real for us. 3) Because Mrs. Schiavo's parents released videos to the media as she approached death, her face was exposed to billions on television. Would you like this to happen to you?

As for the Pope-who was a regressive and imperial pope who maintained total control even while doddering-the media described John Paul II as one of the most humane and freedom-loving men who ever lived. Pope John Paul II was a media-created celebrity whose moves around the world were covered in detail. Why? This Pope has set up the Catholic Church as the global representative for freedom and democracy, with this person traveling from country to country as if he's the head of the United Nations. Huh? Since when has the Catholic Church been a model of freedom and democracy? So, what is really going on here during this crazy emotional wave of death?

Actually it is quite simple, and I will look at this month's New Moon with this issue in mind, since the Vatican selected this eclipse for John Paul's funeral. What is really going on is that we have arrived at a huge turning point in how we view ourselves as human beings. Are we an organization of parts that function like machines until death, and then we go to the junkyard like abandoned cars so our parts can be stripped? Or, are we spirits that temporarily inhabit bodies for life on Earth while we seek more knowledge? For thousands of years, the spirit inhabiting the body has been the definition of "being human", and when the body has served its purpose, we return to spirit.

Only during the last 400 years have people been taught to think of themselves as machines and to experience their bodies in parts, and the last 100 years have been the most critical. Allopathic medicine has not only created all kinds of techniques to examine and operate on bodies as machines, it has also created a gigantic PR system aimed at using human bodies solely for its own profit and control. "Life" is to be extended as far as possible, thus Mr. Schiavo was accused of wanting to kill his wife by starvation, even though many courts had determined he was following her wishes. This campaign to take away individual choice about death is being run by the pharmaceutical and medical establishment in order to gain total control over our bodies. This struggle is the ultimate battle for individual freedom, since facing death nobly is the ultimate spiritual goal of life. Once our personal bodies taught us when our spirit was ready to release-not drugs, courts, machines, politicians, and doctors. Now we live in a world where many people are being kept half alive, and death is seen as the enemy, not the liberator.

What light does April's New Moon shed on this titanic struggle? The solar eclipse is conjunct Venus-a stellium in Aries-thus women's issues will be prominent. Women are the real givers and protectors of life, so perhaps this lunation will help expose this patriarchal plot. The eclipse is close to the lunar North Node, so the emphasis will be on the current moment, not the past. Jupiter is close to the South Node and opposite the stellium in Aries, so as current issues are aggressively pushed forward, knowledge from the past will expand our understanding. Saturn, newly direct since the Spring Equinox, closely squares this Aries stellium, thus our movement forward in new directions is going to be blocked by old structures and obsessions with security and home. At the very least, developmental progress will be focused in the home. This intense Saturn-in-Cancer square to the New Moon/Venus resonates at the goddess level, which makes me wonder if there will be focus on climate deterioration. To focus on a feeding tube or a dying man, while so many in the world are starving, shouts out that the planet truly seems to be dying.

This square from Saturn during a solar eclipse looks ominous to me. On a positive note, Mars/Neptune and Pluto both are quincunx Saturn; however, they are not in sextile. This means active delusional tendencies (Mars/Neptune) are pushing Saturn to assert control, and deep transformational powers are energizing Saturn to make an entirely new reality. Pluto is now retrograding back to its opposition to the 1776 USA Mars in Gemini square Neptune in Virgo, a transit I've been writing about for the past year. This transit is showing that the real agenda of America is to be a global empire, and the Pope's funeral is the ideal cover for hidden meetings and agreements. Focusing on Rome and the Vatican as the great benevolent empire causes people to desire old controlling systems, the "good old days". The pro-life campaign for Terri Schiavo, plus media obsession with royal robes and castles, were used to further galvanize the religious right. This includes new fundamentalist movements in the Catholic Church, which very few people are aware of. (If you want the real truth about what's going on in the Catholic Church, read The Pope's Armada by an author whose last name is Urquart.) It shows that the Church is now almost completely controlled by fundamentalists who were moved into positions of power in parishes in grass-roots movements during the reign of Pope John Paul II. The Catholic Church has been taken over silently from within, while sexual-abuse scandals were on stage in the media. If the next pope is Cardinal Ratzinger, this takeover is a fait accompli.

Considering Saturn squaring the New Moon/Venus, as Saturn is quincunxed by Pluto and Mars/Neptune, it would be wise to exercise restraint on your impulses this month. You may be tested regarding how much you are really ready to receive from others, and facing these tests could be very productive. Ultimately, how much we can receive has an awful lot to do with what we want to give, so monitor that flow. Keep this process out of the archetypal realm, which is heightened this month by Mars conjunct Neptune, and note how the wars between the gods are expanding exponentially as the Mayan Calendar ends. Each little personal victory is greater that Michael and his sword piercing the dragon. Since Pluto trines the New Moon/ Venus, you can really make progress on deep growth.

Are we learning anything? Chiron was conjunct Mars during the Spring Equinox, and I noted that this was the perfect aspect to create focus on the meaning of Chiron's transit through Aquarius until early 2011, with the most accelerated phase occurring at the end of the Mayan Calendar. Chiron guides us to explore our wounds so we can realize that we grow from pain. During Chiron in Aquarius, our growth is transformational. That is, every time we make difficult changes, we become a new person and we don't fall back to the old levels and repeat things. If you watch yourself closely, mostly what you do is repeat old patterns. Chiron in Aquarius is going to move us totally through one big issue after another, such as facing death nobly, the theme of the past month. During the April New Moon, Chiron exactly sextiles Mercury, which means we will discover wide understanding of deep issues, and we will have many past-life time lines to help us because Mercury is retrograde. This is a nice aspect to have during this eclipse, since understanding how Chiron in Aquarius is going to transmute us will help us use this potent force to our best advantage. So far, what I'd say about Chiron in Aquarius is that change is going to be fast, penetrating, systemic, and unavoidable. Anybody still have an extra "Transmute or Die" bumper sticker from the 1970s?

Much of the learning this month is going to be spiritual, since Jupiter trines Mars conjunct Neptune, which sextiles the New Moon/Venus. There is going to be aggressive spiritual growth, and in my experience, this usually comes out of emotional processing. Thus, close and personal tests are the key, which will be very karmic; work to respond to real things in the current moment. Saturn T-squares the lunar nodes, an aspect that always dredges up past-life karma through current issues. Neptune and Mars are exactly conjunct on April 14, the day Mercury goes direct, and you might receive some major revelations. You probably feel like you don't want any more, yet as we move through the end of the Calendar, you can progress rapidly or fight every inch of the way. Well, Uranus will push you too, since Uranus is quincunx Jupiter during this New Moon.

This is a really intense and productive New Moon if you can just surrender and go with the flow as much as possible. Overall, I'd call it an aggressive search for spiritual growth in the middle of a very strained environment. So, don't allow the media to strain your life even more.

Next we will look at the April New Moon cast for Washington, DC, so we can use house positions for political analysis. First we look to the eclipse stellium, and ominously, it is in the 8th house (8). Eclipses tend to set up patterns that function for six months, so watch what happens on April 8/9. I thought the Bushites would show some of their cards during this eclipse, yet the Pope's funeral was shoved front and central. This offers them myriad opportunities to push their agendas in secret. Just after the Spring Equinox, Bush announced the sale to Pakistan of fighter planes that can carry nuclear payloads, and India may be pushed to react. The game seems to be that America can sell nuclear-related technology when in the mood, as long as it controls nuclear development by terrorists. The square from Saturn in 11 to the New Moon/Venus in 8 is quincunxed by Pluto in 4, and Mars/Neptune in 6, suggesting nuclear tension. With Virgo rising, Washington is going to want to get the job done, while Mars/Neptune in 6 with Uranus in Pisces means aggressive pursuit of fantasies and delusions. There may be a tendency to tear anything up that gets in the way of plans that have been worked on in secret. Jupiter in 2 suggests work on financial grounding, while Chiron in 5 sextiling Mercury in 7 suggests attempts to mend fences with allies. Saturn in 11 will encourage Washington to shove democracy down the throats of everyone in the world; for example, using John Paul II as a saint for democracy.

Saturn square to the eclipse with Venus is so dominant that I predict this month will be the time when the public will realize that civil disorder is spreading across America. The Schiavo case stressed the American judicial and political balance beyond belief, while Jeb and George Bush tried to play it to their advantage. Judges are getting shot in courts and their relatives murdered. There was near civil disobedience outside the Schiavo hospice, and civil disorder is building because so many people are so angry. Yet, at times like this, personal strength, compassion, and growth are greatly enhanced because we can recognize what we really value. We will get through this process of growth as the Mayan Calendar moves us closer to our greatest potential.

Regarding the background charts (see Methodology), the New Moon (NM) solar eclipse is conjunct Venus in the 1702 Trigon, which rules the growth of European Imperialism. This suggests that women's issues for the last 300 years will be in the spotlight, and perhaps questions about men so exclusively ruling the world will be asked. There are no aspects to the 1802 Trigon, and NM Mercury is conjunct the Moon in the 2000 Trigon, which is the Bushite Trigon. This suggests some thoughtfulness in America about how Bush just makes people feel. Do you feel safe these days?

The Trigons offer a read on the wide rivers of history, while the political charts I use-1776 USA Founding, Millennial (Chiron conjunct Pluto), and WTC Bombing-offer a direct read on the political background of the USA during this New Moon cycle. There are no combust aspects to the 1776 USA Founding chart, which feels like modern cowboys are in charge with no connection to the Founding Fathers. There are a lot of aspects to the Millennial chart, which indicates a busy month for experiencing and/or healing deep wounds. NM Chiron is conjunct the Millennial Neptune in Aquarius, which may cause a piercing of the extreme levels of fantasy and delusion in the US. Perhaps Hollywood will be exposed for the death, misery, and mayhem that it perpetrates in the world. NM Mars is combust Uranus in the Millennium chart, an aspect that suggests there will be great pain, yet great healing this month. The NM Jupiter is combust Mercury in the WTC Bombing chart, suggesting an expansion of real knowledge about this insidious time lock. It is as if time stopped on September 11, 2001, and it would be a step forward if people could realize that time didn't stop; the American public stopped thinking.

With this solar eclipse at the first New Moon following the Spring Equinox, waves of great emotion and deep thought will be the norm. Be sure to rest a lot, have a cup of tea, and just not in front the TV, please.

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