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The 4th Day News - 3rd Issue - Important Statement From Ian Lungold
This Is A Test And Personal Admission
2005 04 11

By Ian Lungold |

April 7, 2005 | 10 - Serpent

I have written many things to you all but none as personally serious as this writing.

For the past 7 months I have been working through or past or over a pain in my jaw that I had thought was caused by a dental problem. I did go to two different dentists who did X-rays and told me that there was an abscess under a couple of teeth. I did not have the money to get the teeth fixed so I just kept going and doing talks, doing what I rationalized was more important. A couple of Advil pills would get me through the talks that I did but the money received from them was usually just enough to get me to the next presentation. (And some times not even that much.) Not enough money at any rate to get the teeth fixed or even pulled. I did not see the condition as particularly dangerous, just fairly uncomfortable. You see, I kept thinking (Note* my mind not my intuition) that soon I would be able to get the symptoms handled if I just got enough people involved with this information to economically support the dental work needed.

I must admit that I was not living my own truth of following my intuition and I rejected the possibility that anything serious was amiss with my body. I was wrong. It has been over the last 7 months that things started going south physically and in the last 3months a swelling occurred under my jaw line in the lymph gland. On March 10th, I had my right tonsil surgically removed and a biopsy taken of my Lymph gland. The tests on the tissue samples have now come back from the lab and the prognosis is that I have a type of cancer in my right lymph gland a Lymphoma and I was told by the doctor on March 23rd that I would have to go into radiation treatment or I will expire of the cancer.

My admission to you also has to do with the fact that I have not been in my own integrity to the degree that I have been suggesting as imperative to others. Though I have pursued holistic medicine methods I did not go to a physician. I had been making my efforts towards alerting others more important than taking care of my own physical well being.

I have been giving as much of myself as I could conceive of doing and now I must turn around and open to receive. It’s pretty easy to see how this flow now either becomes balanced rather quickly or I will not be able to continue to assist others much into the future. I am hereby declaring myself open for alternatives, second or third opinions, donations, toward my needed treatments and or all of your prayers that this situation gets remedied soon.

Over the last few years I have received communications from people from all over the planet expressing their gratitude for the information that has been researched and put forth through the recorded presentations, web page, on air and in personal appearances. Many have asked how they can help. In the past I have personally thanked those individuals for their kind words and usually answered that by passing Dr. Carl J. Calleman’s research on the Mayan calendar to others you are doing a great service. Now, I really do need some direct help for myself. First, I want to thank everyone for the support that I have already received to get me this far, including the loving being (who does not want their name announced) who loaned me $3000.00 dollars for the doctors who then performed the operation to remove the tonsil and did the lab tests. At least now I know what is up and can directly address the physical condition, find a direction and come to a resolution.

Please, if you know of any products, centers or practitioners of methods to cure the lymph gland cancer or if you can help provide research on such methods please send to If you can send donations of any kind to help cover the costs of the possible treatments I will humbly and thankfully accept those gifts and apply them straight away to the rebuilding of my body’s integrity from the ground up. Please find my heart open to any assistance in any way that you feel you can provide.

And Now Here Is the Test Part

“We are all one and there is no other or them” is the basic truth that is being tested.

All of the wonder, pleasure or trouble in our experience is a reflection of only our own selves. The Mayan phrase “In Lak ech,” “you are another myself.” says it all. Along with that is coupled the dramatic acceleration of Creation that produces more possibilities to happen both good and bad. I have stepped forward in the last few years to discuss these ideas with humanity and as a result I have called these issues right down on to myself to be dealt with. Either we are each manifesting our own reality right now, or we are not. Evidently I have manifested this test for myself in order to put it on display for all to see but especially myself. It is my perception that we all are being tested or will be tested about these issues concerning the nature of creation. I just happened to be somebody who has chosen to share these subjects through talks and writings and thus, my test is here and now demanding my immediate attention and healing.

So, starting from the premise that we and all of creation are one; by accepting and loving my whole self (all of my experience) and by not repulsing what could be seen as negative elements of my experience, darkness, disease, Bushies and economic/social collapse for example, this test will be passed. If on the other hand, I reject certain realities and wall myself off from them by resisting what ever is perceived as evil, I will further suffer the effects of that rejection personally and very directly. Right here, in dramatic fashion, are the very issues that I have been speaking to the world about. This leads me to perceive that my current situation is no random accident (of course there are no accidents) but rather it is a set up to assist the truth coming forth about each of us creating our own reality. My intent is to gather up and acknowledge the love that I have generated in the world this lifetime and to apply that love to shifting my current reality. In many articles I have said “Allow Everything”. As of now I must personally live those words not only to be in my integrity but to literally survive.

The pass or fail of this test could hardly be more important.

So what do I do now? I reach out, I ask for help, I surrender and I connect. It is through our connection and acknowledgements that solutions are provided to any and every situation. Even if this is a more critical situation it is really no different. So let us take the opportunity to do this healing together as the one that we are and then let us celebrate this truth together as we heal each other. Thank you for the love, the knowledge, courage and the reason to go on that you provide. Thank you all.

In service to the God~Us,

Ian Xel Lungold

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