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The Coming 360 Days - The 4th Day News - Issue 1

By Ian Xel Lungold

December 14, 2004 | 13 - Monkey (Chuen)

We have now started the 4th “Day” of the Galactic Consciousness Cycle of the Mayan calendar as of Dec 4th, 2004.

For those not yet familiar, In the Mayan calendar there are 9 distinct levels of consciousness development that are each separated into 7 sections of time called “Days” and 6 periods of “Night”. These 13 equal sections of time each have particular intentions that create similar effects during the time they occur. The effects of these “Days” and “Nights” of the Mayan calendar through-out creation, is very similar to the occurrence of the seasons, spring, summer, fall and winter here on earth. Each of the seasons has its own effects that WILL come to pass when its time has come. By studying the record of astro-physics and the evolution of our own planet next to the Mayan calendar we can plainly see a repeating pattern formed and even today, continuing to unfold. It is during this 4th “Day” section of time in each of the previous 7 Consciousness cycles that the foundations have been laid for the structure of new consciousness to be erected.

The Greek civilization was built during one of the 4th “Days”. That particular 4th “Day lasted nearly 400 years and produced the developments of Art, Theater, Philosophy, Advanced Mathematics, Architecture, Politics and codified Laws. These developments did become the foundation of civilization. The next 4th ”Day” was between 1873 and 1893. It was during this 20 year period that many new developments occurred that have become the foundation of our current civilizations consciousness. Included amongst them are; the telephone, electric lights indoors, the automobile, the first oil pipeline, the trans-Atlantic cable was laid, and in a lawsuit, corporations (fictitious entities) wrested power from nations (the people) by winning the status of individuals with all associated rights. It was here at this time, that corporations overcame Law with raw Power. One of the demonstrations of this new Power was the creation of WW I in 1914. Starting in 1870 the financial intrigues and military adventures financed by the bankers were being played that would build into WW 1 during the 4th “Night (1873-1913). This was a deliberate plot by the leading financial groups to usurp Europe’s Monarch governments and re-create nations that were deeply in debt and beholding to the banks. Over 10 million men and women were killed and over 6 million crippled during WW 1. As we can plainly see today, these developments have also become the foundation of our current consciousness.

The 4th “Day” we have just begun, will continue until November 28th, 2005. It is during this 360 day period that once again, new foundations of consciousness shall be laid. In this case, the foundations laid will have to do with ethics and sustainability with new perspectives on human relations as well as our more fully realized position as stewards of our planet and solar system.

The Orange Revolution going on in the Ukraine, as this paper is being written is a wonderful example of these new perspectives. In a seeming miracle, as millions gather in brotherhood against a corrupt government, crime of all types has stopped in the whole country. The entire news media of the Ukraine has come off of self imposed strikes and has pledged to the public on air, to report only the truth. While the Supreme Court of the Ukraine has called for a new run off election in support of the public. This is not a fluke, nor a ploy. This is the result of new consciousness, Ethical consciousness in this case, producing sweeping change in our reality just as it is called for by the Mayan calendar at this time.

* Note * There is a twenty times acceleration with each repeat of the cycles of consciousness so each of the “Days” or “Nights” are twenty times faster each time as well. In effect, more and more happening in less and less time. This is why time seems to be speeding up.

So what should we look forward to in the next 360 days or so of this 4th “Day”?

1.  Dramatic swift change and a huge polarization in the consciousness of the public.

2.  The complete failing of the western economic system and governments.

3.  Cities will become unsustainable and awash in chaos.

4.  Religious fundamentalism will rage against any personal freedoms.

5.  Medical science will slow, may stop, and may even reverse the human aging process.

6.  Free energy (5th dimensional energy) will be demonstrated as a fact.

7.  Levitation (anti-gravity) will become understood.

8.  Movies and TV will become holographic projections.

9.  Teleportation of objects will begin.

10. Telepathy will become an acknowledged means of communication in some persons.

11. The schedule and pattern of the evolution of consciousness will become known and studied for application world wide.

12. Ethical conduct and the importance of personal and organizational integrity will be the natural and sustainable state of consciousness of most people that survive the turmoil.

These will be the foundations of consciousness that will carry us forward in the evolution of mankind’s consciousness. And although there will be upheaval and many persons will “opt out” of their physical existence during this period, it should be noted that more good has always happened in creation than bad or we would not still be surviving at this time. The intent of creation to evolve over these last 16 billion years is a huge momentum that nothing, not even the evil plans of our current overlords can thwart. Please understand that the persons who are planning our total enslavement are all part of this evolution. They are only players in this unfolding. They are merely playing their part to; by demonstration and necessity, steer some consciousness away from what is doomed to failure and to drag the rest down with them in order to clear the decks for the continued evolution.

So what to do with these circumstances approaching?

Very simple, follow what the Hopi people have been giving as advice.

1. Know where your water is coming from. Most cities import 90% of their water over long distances.
2. Know where your food is coming from. (Know your garden) Again, cities import all food. Most cities have only a 3-4 day supply of produce and meat in stock.
3. Know all your relations. In the cities the vast numbers of persons are strangers to one another and so are not responsible to and for one another.

This basically means, get out of the cities to be near fresh water and land to grow your food if you want to survive. If a person’s life style, status and holdings are so important that they can not imagine making such a move, this then is why they may not survive. Some types of consciousness are not sustainable and those will be eliminated so that the greater good can be serviced in continued evolutionary steps and stages.

These measures, even if they sound frightful are something that you can prepare for without having to take drastic immediate actions. When it is time to move you will know, but you must be basically prepared to make that move and here are a few suggestions.

1. Have a full tank of gas and 10 gallons in your trunk along with 2 gallons of water for each person that will be in the vehicle. Gas lines are no fun when you gotta run.
2. Have 5 lbs of rice and 5 lbs of beans for each person along with some simple spices, dried soups, fruit ECT.
3. Get camping gear including shelter, cookware, flashlights (lots of batteries) and a first aid kit.
4. Have a plan to meet your loved ones and a planned route out of the city and toward some rural area where your face and smile are known.

Actually, most of us that will be making these journeys will find that it produces a great freedom and a rebounding of personal worth and well being. (I just did this recently so I know from personal experience.) Imagine a world dotted with “Burning Man” or “Wood Stock” (for us oldsters) type settlements where people have gathered together to help each other over come great difficulties. This will be similar to what is going on in the Ukraine with the Orange Revolution but on a much larger scale.

Remember above all, that these changes are not only unavoidable but are in the best interest of our continued evolution. You are going to become the manifestation of the statement “We are the ones that we were waiting for.” and then, the waiting, is over.

And now for the best part, Choose Your Destiny.
For those of you who were wondering how all the chaos and advancements in consciousness could be happening at the same time. Here is your answer;

During this 4th “Day” the new foundations of consciousness that lead to the future evolution of mankind are laid down. The future of our destiny contains the conscious co-creation of our reality. The persons who will take those completing steps will do so by creating their own reality as they go. “What you pay attention to is what you become conscious of.” Your consciousness is your total experience. What you pay attention to, then becomes your experience doesn’t it? As we walk forward from this point what you pay attention to will become even more important as more and more becomes possible in every moment. Once you have establish a solid connection to your present moments in creation by paying attention you are then from that solid position, able to project an intention into creation. Out of all the possibilities that are around us and in all of the growing possibilities in every moment both good and bad, what are the most likely things to show up? What ever you intend or believe will occur, that’s what!

Do you doubt that from your experience? Oh yeah? Let’s take another look.
What has most shown up in your life so far, is what you have intended or believed. Take your first breath for example. Ever since your first breath you have been intending to get your next one and evidently it has arrived or you would be dead. You have intended approximately 21,600 or so breaths each day and you got every one of em too! I’ll bet you have intended to eat at least once a day haven’t you? And if the meal has showed up every day then you probably intended to eliminate the waste from your body haven’t you? How bout your intention to learn to walk and talk and then your intent to remember how to do those things? You get the point? The vast majority of your life experience has been due to your intention and the manifestation of that intention. Now with more possible in every moment, it is ever and ever more likely that your exact intent is what will manifest in your life. Trust that you do intend your reality into being and grow like you have only dreamed. Doubt you can or should intend your own reality and you will be at the mercy of fate my friends. And fate is extremely fickle as has been amply demonstrated by billions who have come before you.

We have only begun to learn the odds stacked against basic survival. Between the unthinking greed of some here on earth, environmental threats and disasters and panicked people committing mass murder, the only way through what is coming is going to be from your own intention to survive. And the success of that endeavor or the level of comfort and ease of that survival, depends only upon the amount that you trust your ability to create your own experience. It is within your power to choose your own destiny to such a degree that none of those warned, dangerous eventualities become part of your personal experience. Want an example? Chances are that you are not sitting in a fox hole in Iraq right now. If you are sitting there in an Iraq hole I am sorry, but you know full well you chose that destiny rather than jail or being made less of by family, friends and neighbors and you chose what ever may come from your experience.

The point here is that all the rest of you have made choices in your lives that do not include those deathly experiences other than to hear about it going on somewhere over the horizon.

This is you, creating your own destiny just as the guys over in the Iraq hole are.
We are already doing this creating you see? But, with very little trust that we humans are actually able or supposed to be doing it. (Really a weird situation isn’t it?)
This mind set or belief in human in-ability (the victim, I am created rather than an “I CREATE” view point) was brought forward from times past when much less was possible in any given moment and a persons intention was not as straight a shot to an available possibility as it is today. Then there have been those pesky religious dogmas railing against any individual’s spiritual abilities for centuries. The 4th “Day” is the time when the two realities of victim and Creator begin to really diverge. Eventually, maybe by the 4th “Night” something akin to the rapture just might start to happen as people leave one reality for the other completely and just flat disappear.
But for right now; “We are the ones we have been waiting for” and the waiting period is over.

Now people, it is all very good for me to sit here and tell you these things. I do think that anyone could come up with sage advice with enough time and thought given to develop it. But sage advice is not good enough during these times. This is going to take actions not just thoughts. That is why I hit the road and started manifesting my intent to speak to thousands. I left with nothing but trust and that intent. Now, seven months later I have a car, a motorhome, a network of hundreds of like minded people and dozens of homes or farms at which to live and work in beautiful territory with fresh water and lots of land to grow on. If I can do it, so can you.

Just to let you know, I am now on to much BIGGER intended manifestations that you will be hearing about soon. This is not for or about me, myself or I, this is a test and demonstration that what I am saying actually works in the real world, only then is it actually valuable.

Intending all of you the very best through our greatest tests.

In service to the God~Us
Ian Xel Lungold
12 Ahau, Bearer of the Codex

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