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Elizabeth Holgrave - Germanic Heathenism & Preserving European Heritage
May 28, 2014
Elizabeth Holgrave is an independent researcher of pre-Christian European Spiritual Traditions. She has studied Judeo-Christian religion, Kabbalah, Traditional Witchcraft and the ancestral traditions and pre-Christian spiritual practices of the Celtic and Germanic peoples in a life-long search for her spiritual roots. Her search has led her through the depths of Christianity, Wicca, and Judaism until finally finding her spiritual home in Germanic Heathenism and the traditions of her ancestors. We’ll discuss the traditions and beliefs of Germanic Heathenism. An important aspect of Heathenism is veneration of ancestors, a tradition that has been lost to most Europeans. Elizabeth shares various sources for pagan folklore, fairytales, mythology and tradition. We’ll talk about returning to our ancient pre-Christian practices and discuss why it’s important. As multiculturalism seeks to devour western countries and European heritage, we’ll speak about how to recover and integrate ancient traditions into our modern world in order to ground and unite Europeans both culturally and spiritually. We also discuss the unnatural politically correct ideas of no gender, no race and one shared global culture for humanity. Later, Elizabeth explains how many Europeans revert to Christianity when times get hard, looking for power and strength, yet this is playing right into the elite’s hands.

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Teutonic Religion Folk Beliefs & Practices of the Northern Tradition By Kveldulf Gundarsson (PDF)
The Poetic Edda (Book)
Völuspá (Prophecy of the Volva, Prophecy of the Seeress)
Music: Faun - Egil Saga


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