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Craig Fitzgerald - National Anarchist Alliance & Multicultural Madness
May 21, 2014
Craig Fitzgerald is one of the founders of the National Anarchist Tribal Alliance of New York. We値l discuss the national anarchist movement and how it can be a solution to the problems we池e facing. We値l discuss what a nation is and how it has nothing to do with government. As multiculturalism is being forced onto the west, we値l talk about the madness of mass immigration, cultural genocide and the government痴 involvement. Who is out to destroy western civilization? Craig elaborates on the culture wars and talks about radicalized extremists out to destabilize Europe. In the days of diversity being pushed down our throats, we値l talk about how true diversity comes with de-centralization and voluntaryism. We値l talk about the need for Europeans to move beyond the eastern Abrahamic religions and find their true heritage and roots found in Europe. Craig presents the idea of forming local communities and sovereign enclaves with like minded people to combat globalization, homogenization and government tyranny. Later, we talk about government infiltration of White nationalist groups. We値l also talk about the violence and hypocrisy of Antifa, a collective of militant so called anti-fascists. We値l end the hour on suppressed American history and megalithic sites that are hardly spoken about.

Music: Portishead - Western Eyes


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Radio 3Fourteen is a bi-weekly radio program hosted by Lana Lokteff featuring a wide range of politically incorrect, unorthodox, socially unacceptable, anti-collectivist, liberating and sometimes otherworldly conversations for the non-conformed minds of the planet.

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Lana was born on March 14 (Pi Day), hence the name Radio 3Fourteen.


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