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Lucian Valsan - Marxist Feminist Governments
August 21, 2013
Lucian Valsan, the European News Director from A Voice for Men discusses oppressive "progressive" Marxist feminist governments and the created war between the sexes. Also joining in is Henrik Palmgren from Red Ice Radio. We'll talk about life in a Marxist feminist society and their ultimate goals. Lucian points out current examples from various European countries such as Sweden, a trendsetter for feminism, who has introduced feminine values as cultural norms and actively suppresses men's values. Under the law, men are 2nd class citizens in Sweden. We'll talk about how these extreme feminist values translate into schools, government and pop-culture. Then, Lucian discusses other lies being told by feminist politicians in Europe. He also gives his perspective on the true intentions of the feminist movement in the early days. Later, we converse on how gender differences are something to value and accepting those differences can benefit society as a whole. We also talk about the feminist idea that gender roles are only stereotypes. The hour ends on how Marxist feminist governments (and Marxism in general) are doomed to fail and what will happen if the war between the sexes continues.

Music: Beatles - Revolution


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Radio 3Fourteen is a bi-weekly radio program hosted by Lana Lokteff featuring a wide range of politically incorrect, unorthodox, socially unacceptable, anti-collectivist, liberating and sometimes otherworldly conversations for the non-conformed minds of the planet.

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Lana was born on March 14 (Pi Day), hence the name Radio 3Fourteen.


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