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Kelley Rosano - Astrological Transits for 2013
February 27, 2013
Kelley Rosano is an authority on astrology. She offers empowering, inspiring and uplifting Astrological Coaching. Kelley will talk about the important astrological transits for 2013. Well discuss how we may be affected by planetary influences this year both personally and geo-politically. Well also discuss life cycles, moon cycles and the time of feminine energy. Kelley talks about how we may ride the wave and benefit from 2013s astrological transits.

Music: Ulrich Schnauss - Monday Paracetamol


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Radio 3Fourteen is a bi-weekly radio program hosted by Lana Lokteff featuring a wide range of politically incorrect, unorthodox, socially unacceptable, anti-collectivist, liberating and sometimes otherworldly conversations for the non-conformed minds of the planet.

About The Name

Lana was born on March 14 (Pi Day), hence the name Radio 3Fourteen.


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