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Deeper Minded Music - Part 2
November 22, 2012
This special music podcast will feature several genres including hip hop, alternative, psychedelic rock, ambient, electronic and acoustic from 18 deeper minded artists. Presenting: Firus Phonics, Luminaries, The ConfedeRATS, Audiothrillseeker, Ben Fairweather/Ens, Benjamin Mason, East Forest, A-normal, Psonikadia, Focus, In Sleep I Travel, Lucas Stone, Peter Soros, Ecstasy of Uriel, Rena Jones, Magdalene’s Dream, AMZ / Amorph Conceptz, Stop Start Band.

Bands Listed in the Order Heard:

Firus Phonics - Moment of Truth
Luminaries - Be The Change
The ConfedeRATS - Abducted
Audiothrillseeker - Riding Cygnus
Ben Fairweather/Ens - Magnets & Fire
Benjamin Mason - Bird Like You’ll Fly
East Forest - Pendulum
A-normal - Glowing Away
Psonikadia - Freedom Frequency w/ Freeman
Focus - Soul Trafficker
In Sleep I Travel - Dead or Free
Lucas Stone - Desert Rain
Peter Soros - Frustration
Ecstasy of Uriel - Asphyxia
Rena Jones - Indra’s Web
Magdalene’s Dream - Drifting
AMZ / Amorph Conceptz - Saturnus
Stop Start Band - All Stop Playing


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Radio 3Fourteen is a bi-weekly radio program hosted by Lana Lokteff featuring a wide range of politically incorrect, unorthodox, socially unacceptable, anti-collectivist, liberating and sometimes otherworldly conversations for the non-conformed minds of the planet.

About The Name

Lana was born on March 14 (Pi Day), hence the name Radio 3Fourteen.


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