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Andreas Bachmair - Unvaccinated Children Healthier
November 27, 2013
Andreas Bachmair is a German homeopath who lives in Switzerland. Because he saw more and more vaccine damaged patients in his practice he started the website impfschaden.info to inform people about the dangers of vaccinations. The website was translated into English under the name of vaccineinjury.info. He authored the book Vaccine Free - 111 stories of unvaccinated children. Andreas conducted a thorough and comprehensive scientific survey on the state of health of unvaccinated children. More than 17,500 participants from all over the world participated. In this program, we discuss the results of the survey and how it was conducted. One of the biggest dangers with vaccines is the ingredients aluminum and mercury. There is a host of issues that have been attributed to vaccines, for example, behavioral problems, neurological disease, autoimmune diseases, autism and narcolepsy. Andreas will discuss homeopathic therapy of vaccine damages and vaccine injuries. In the second hour, Andreas tells more about the strange traits of tetanus and the claims that we need a tetanus shot after suffering an open wound.


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