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George Kavassilas - Spiritual Deception & Our Planetary Being
November 4, 2012
George Kavassilas is an author and speaker. He has had hundreds of interactions with both benevolent and malevolent beings from many different levels of realities, both on and off world. In 2003, he took a journey with his conscious spirit through the dimensions of our universe and he was able to remember who we all are, where we come from and where we are headed, sharing this knowledge with the world in order to assist humanity in reclaiming our sovereignty. In the first hour, he talks about the model of our universe, the cosmic matrix and what he calls the “great arena.” Then, we’ll discuss energetic programs that feed into false realities. In hour two, George elaborates on higher beings that desire to be worshipped and have designed clever programs, including the chakra system, kundalini energy and more for manipulation. He’ll speak more in detail about spiritual deception. He also talks about the makeup of our true planetary being and talks about how the moon is used as a mechanical device. George explains how we can calibrate ourselves with the planetary being. We end on his comments of a pending global mind control event.


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