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Mark Grant - Macronicity, Micronicity A Tale of Two Synchronicities
August 26, 2012
Mark Grant holds a bachelors degree in International Studies, with minors in Economics, Political Science and Sociology. Two of his main interests are mysticism and spirituality. He is the author of A Tale of Two Synchronicities. In his book, he subdivides synchronicity into two categories. The first, micronicity or micro syncs, which are concerned with synchronicity that is observed at the personal level and the other being, macronicity referring to syncs that are public in nature with meaningful coincidences. Mark Grant’s work is a study of monumental moments, based on the premise that certain epic events may be discreetly designed, or synced. Generally, his focus is on the world of major sporting events. Mark will give examples of how epic events like Super Bowls, Olympic Games and the World Cup of football may be subject to discreet and ongoing forms of extremely advanced intervention. He’ll explain what he terms designer theory, relational design, sound bridges, conventional and unconventional cues and mind-matter theory.


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”mind-based physics”
UFO At NFL Game: TV Camera Captures Strange Object In Flight During Broadcast
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Patternicity: Finding Meaningful Patterns in Meaningless Noise

A Tale of Two Synchronicities
A Tale of Two Synchronicities - Kindle

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