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Winter Laake - Satanism, Satanic Singularity & Luciferian Consciousness
June 21, 2012
Winter Laake is a writer and a practitioner of satanic black magic. He has published seven books on the subject of Satanism, remote-viewing and remote-influencing. He is also a psychic that has assisted law enforcement in the capacity of finding the missing or the murdered. Winter is also an avid screen-writer, ghost-writer and biographer. He'll discuss Satanism, how it is defined and what it means to be a Satanist. Winter talks about how religion has suppressed our true evil nature, as he says we are all inherently evil. Then we define the difference between Satanists and Luciferians. Winter explains how Lucifer is the liberator vs. religion which enslaves. He reveals a more altruistic approach in his Satanism, which he says can lead us to a more ideal world, leaping us forward in our evolution. He also clarifies how the elite are not Satanists.


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