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Jeff Hilling - The Patterson Bigfoot Film
January 29, 2012
Jeff Hilling is a Bigfoot historian and the author of "The Great Bigfoot Film Mystery: What really happened on October 20th 1967?" Jeff is the creator of PattersonFilm.com, a website that takes a unique neutral approach to dealing with the facts, legends, and rumors surrounding this most controversial film footage. In 1967 Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin set out to film the unknown...a creature of myth, legend and folklore. On October 20th of that year, they captured the image of a terrifying man-beast, in which to this day still enthralls, enchants, and bewilders both scientist and laymen alike. The Patterson film is still by far the best all around evidence of a sasquatch creature to date. Jeff holds a neutral position in order to weigh all the evidence and circumstances surrounding this event in an unbiased manner, he does not presume the Patterson film footage is an authentic creature, nor do we presume it was a hoax. In the first hour we talk about the background of the film, Jeff's bigfoot interest and what happened on the 20th of October 1967.


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The Great Bigfoot Film Mystery

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