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James Corbett - Fukushima Disaster Update & Climategate 2.0
January 5, 2012
James Corbett is an independent journalist who has been living and working in Japan since 2004. He has been writing and producing The Corbett Report, an online multi-media news and information source, since 2007. His forthcoming book, Reportage: Essays on the New World Order, will be available for purchase later this year. He returns to Red Ice to give us an update on the Fukushima disaster in the first hour. He shares concerns about the food supply and talks about the Japanese perspective. Then, we discuss media coverage surrounding the Fukushima disaster. Who can we trust? James talks about Japan's political future and the possible globalist agenda to use the disaster to reshape the country. We talk about radiation fallout on land and ocean and the accuracy of death statistics from Japan's radiation. James brings up the "de-CON-tamination" work process in the Fukushima Prefecture. Later, we discuss the strategy of the elite demonizing nuclear power in order to globally control it. The first hour ends on the topic of clean energy and suppressed technologies.


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Radiation from Fukushima - Map from Norwegian Institute of Air Research
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Climategate 2.0 emails They're real and they're spectacular!

The Corbett Report Data DVD Vol. 1 (2007 - 2008)

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