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David Talbott - Symbols of an Alien Sky, Mars, Cronus & The Electric Universe
December 15, 2011
David Talbott, a comparative mythologist whose work offers a radical new vantage point on the origin of ancient cultural themes and symbols, is the primary catalyst behind the "Saturn Model." He also proposes a "Polar Configuration," inspired by Immanuel Velikovsky involving the five planets Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Mars and Earth. He claims that in ancient times the five planets orbited the Sun as a single linear unit, which rotated about a point close to Saturn, before its break-up at the end of the Golden Age. He claims that the violent evolution of this "Polar Configuration" provoked the myth-making epoch of human history. David will explain his theory and how he utilizes points of agreement between cultures to reconstruct our past. We'll discuss the "great conjunction," the birth of myth and symbols and the turning sky. David is also the co-author (with Wallace Thornhill) of Thunderbolts of the Gods and The Electric Universe. Talbott will talk about electricity in space, reconstructing plasma discharge and chronicled formations in our sky.


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