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Josh Reeves - The Secret Right, CNP, Alternative Media & The Elite Priest Class
July 12, 2011
Josh Reeves is a Dallas, Texas-based researcher, filmmaker, and radio talk show host who first learned of government crimes in the 1990's by reading Jim Marrs, "Crossfire," which lead him to start investigating black operations and secret societies. He joins us for an excellent interview. We begin talking about secretive groups, such as the Council for National Policy. If nothing sneaky is going on in various political groups, then why isn't the public allowed to know who the members are? Then, Josh speaks about "taboo topics" in alternative media and the importance of being flexible to discuss various subjects and ideas as well as being ever-changing as we gain a deeper understanding in life. Josh also gives his opinion on why disinfo agents are infiltrating various groups and why certain information is released and how it is designed to be. Later, we discuss the brainwashing and homogenization in the "truth movement." In the second Josh Reeves continues talking about the CNP, including the origins and founder Tim LaHaye, a former fundamentalist Christian preacher and best-selling novelist. Then, we open up the conversation about the priestly classes who outwardly portray conflict yet secretly work together. Josh tells us what he thinks they're covering up and why. We'll also discuss rituals and channeling of spirits performed by the elite. How aware are they of the symbology and purpose of these rituals they perform? Are those in power operating on higher mystical levels? Next, we talk about the eradication of certain bloodlines, the invasion of Iraq and the stealing of ancient antiquities in various museums and vaults. Josh talks about America rebuilding Babylon and fulfilling their prophecy. Later, we talk about words and frequencies that keep us in a state of arrested development, the biggest weapon used against us to alter our development. At the end, Josh shares his view on what drives the elite, their desired outcome and some things we might see coming ahead.


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Purchase a high-quality, HD copy of the Secret Right, Vol. 1

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