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Sonia Barrett - The Cosmic Game in 3D, Borg Mentality & Individual Consciousness
April 28, 2011
Sonia Barrett's work is an embrace of science and spirituality as one in the same. She is the host of Sovereign Mind Radio program and founder and publisher of Sovereign Mind Magazine and author of The Holographic Canvas, The Fusing of Mind and Matter and The Cosmic Game in 3D. She has written many articles exploring time travel, immortality, ascension and the science of past lives. In the first hour of this interview, Sonia talks about tearing our boundaries of the matrix and the mind apart. Sonia talks about going beyond the structures and rules of our constructs. Part of being in this game is learning to get beyond all restrictive programs. She says the brain will only show you what is in your library. Reality will appear as we need it to when we need it at that time. Sonia says we chose to come here. No one is holding us against our will. She'll also discuss the various programs, codes and networks we fall into. Sonia also talks about our brain filters and our chemical connection in the first level of the human experience game. Sonia begins in the second hour talking about the various perspectives and possibilities about how we experience time. She also brings up the importance of appreciating the game we're in. Then, she talks about the harm in the borg mentality and deception of the one-ness experience. She says we should not all be operating the same. We are here to be all that is possible, computing and uploading our experience bringing a unique piece to the game, not to upload the same thing again and again. She'll talk about the harm in thinking we need leaders, movements and communities. Later, we'll discuss being conscious of what is behind the intention of the things we are drawn to, especially if the game is everywhere. Also, we discuss why it is important to pay attention to our beliefs, fears and attractions. We end, talking about challenge and the success/failure programming.


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