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Thomas Brophy - Archaeoastronomy, Precession, Yuga Cycles & The Golden Age
November 14, 2010
Thomas Brophy has a Ph.D. from the University of Colorado, was a staff research scientist at the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics, Boulder, with NASA interplanetary spacecraft projects, and was a National Science Foundation exchange scientist with the University of Tokyo and Japan Space Program. His work focused on the application of first principles of physics to planetary astrophysics problems. Those interests in fundamental theory, and teaching at the University level, led him to broader studies involving the non-calculable and immeasurable aspects of the universe, and to Integral philosophy. These Integral studies, together with practice of contemplative/yogic traditions, led to his book, "The Mechanism Demands a Mysticism", and subsequent publications, and invited presentations on Integral theory and psychospiritual growth. Recombining Integral philosophy with astrophysical dynamics led to his studies of the astro-archaeology of pre-history and proto-historic Egypt, and investigations into the origin of the Zodiac, and "Zodiac Ages" in early human cultures, and his book, "The Origin Map". His forthcoming book, "Black Genesis" about the origins of the pharaohs from a mysterious star-ceremonialist African peoples, is co-authored with Robert Bauval. In the first hour of this program, Thomas discusses Nabta Playa, the Predynastic period of ancient Egypt, knowledge of the precession of the equinoxes in the ancient world and the Yuga cycle. Topics discussed: Thomas background, Voyager II, archaeo-astronomy, Nabta Playa, Abu Simbel, Egypt's oldest rock art, calendar circle, sculptures carved out of the bedrock, solstice alignments, astronomy puzzle, knowledge of processional cycle, zodiac, yuga cycle correlated to the precession, calibration, zep tepi, origin time, beginning in the age of Leo, black hole at the center of the galaxy, approaching halfway point, Sri Yukteswar Giri. In the second hour, Thomas describes the current times that we're in, the qualities of the dark & golden ages, connecting the Yuga cycles as well as the precessional cycle. We discuss integral philosophy, the Sirius alignment, the Egyptian new year, the Giza - Orion correlation theory and the significance of Nabta Playa. More Topics Discussed: flooding of the Nile, destruction attempt of the stones at Nabta Playa, subterranean passage under the pyramid at Giza, New Grange, modern physics and spirituality.


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Books & DVDs
The Origin Map: Discovery of a Prehistoric, Megalithic, Astrophysical Map and Sculpture of the Universe
The Mechanism Demands a Mysticism: An Exploration of Spirit, Matter and Physics
Black Genesis: The Prehistoric Origins of Ancient Egypt

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