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Neil Kramer - Owning the Dystopian Daydream, Artificial Constructs & The Control System
August 19, 2010
Neil Kramer is an English writer, speaker and philosopher in the fields of consciousness, metaphysics, shamanism and ancient mystical disciplines. He returns to Red Ice Radio to talk about owning the dystopian daydream. Neil discusses the artificial constructs around us and how to generate our own level of reality. He also talks about the akashic field, cultural programming and how to break the code. We discuss the recurring problems in our world with cultural depression and financial collapse and how taking responsibility and being authentic are key aspects to generate your own level of reality. Topics Discussed: Brazil, 1985, self awareness, artificial constructs, generate your own level of reality, Akashic field, cultural programming, polarization, inquisitiveness, personal rights, spiritual asylum, Toltec sorcerers, the dream world, authenticity, taking responsibility, problems, depression, chakras, heart compass, financial collapse and more. In our second hour with Neil Kramer, he uses the story in the film Brazil as an example about the mirror aspect of ourselves. Who is the "enemy?" Then, we talk about the translation of reality. Neil also discusses the control system and the elite's need for control. We are living in an oppressive system but there's also opportunity in such a structure or reality. How does all of this connect with the demiurge, Samael and Yahweh? Neil says it is all about breaking free of the current "reality" tunnel and having an ability to zoom in & out and to be organic and alive. Topics Discussed: the mirror aspect in Brazil, the enemy, who is number one, The Prisoner, the endings, imaginable palette, translation of reality, mathematical reality, the control system, play & creativity, Gnostics, demiurge, Samael, Yahweh, Kali Yuga cycles, the dreamer, reality tunnels, ability to zoom in & out, we are organic and alive.


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