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Michael Dunning - The Sacred Yew Tree: The Embryonic Tree of Life & Yew Shamanism
August 5, 2010
Michael gradually became aware of his calling as a shaman-healer following a near -death encounter with an elemental spirit in the far north of Scotland. A second near-death experience occurred several years later which entirely destroyed his health. Michael began to experience regular visions, prolonged out - of - body states and intense physical pain. Managing his daily life became a great challenge. He was finally rescued by a friend who lived in a small cottage close to a 2000 year -old, female yew tree. This marked the beginning of a ten-year period of healing and a shamanic initiation through nature, that took place under the vast enclosure of the tree. Michael believes that the yew tree was once regarded by the indigenous shaman-healers as a great source of occult knowledge holding an ancient and embryonic language of healing and rejuvenation. He joins us to talk about the sacred yew tree and yew shamanism, Norse mythology and the Yggdrasil. Topics Discussed: yew shamanism, Alan Meredith, embryological studies, Rudolph Steiner, phenomological embryology, anthropomorphized yew trees, Id˙n, Ullur, apple of life in death, red yew berries, hallucinogenic properties, craniosacral therapy, epigenetics, seed of a tree, MÝmisbrunnr, offerings & sacrifice, Christmas tree, Yule log. We discuss yew shamanism, embryological studies, Rudolph Steiner, phenomenological embryology and the womb in the second hour with Michael Dunning. Michael also gets into Norse mythology. Then, we talk about the apple of life and death, the red yew berries and the hallucinogenic properties of the yew tree. Later, Michael talks about the breath of life, epigenetics, cell division and the water of life. Topics Discussed: the yew tree, age of the tree, memory, wisdom, hallucinogenic properties, Michael's personal story, experiences with an entity, spiritual illness, protector of the yew tree, why was the tree destroyed?, weapons development, the longbow, holy tree, wands of the wizard, magicians wand, wood carvings, womb and the yew tree, Fred Hageneder Yew, The Fountain, cure for cancer, Yggdrasil, oak, ash, yew, vortex points, sacred number nine, Odin, gestation and more.


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