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Gregory Sams - Sun of gOd, Is The Sun Conscious? & Bottom Up Organization
July 13, 2010
We talk about the "Sun of God" with Gregory Sams. Gregory conceived and launched the original VegeBurger in 1982, adding a word to the language as he opened up the market for vegetarian foods. In 1990 Greg founded "Strange Attractions" the world's only shop ever dedicated to chaos theory and went on to produce and license fractal images worldwide on everything from posters to book covers to fashion fabrics. In 98, his first book, "Uncommon Sense - the State is Out of Date" came out. In this interview, we talk about his latest book, "Sun of gOd". Gregory says our sun might be a conscious entity, smarter then we might think. This potential rediscovery is most likely something the ancient world knew much more about then we do today. Topics Discussed: the sun as a consciousness, solar science, inside the sun, sounds of the stars, photosynthesis, black hole, magnetic field, Inca, Lost Star of Myth and Time, Sirius, sacrifice, empires of the sun, the ancients relationships to the sun, does the sun respond to human activity?, sunspots, sun worshipers, Constantine, sun gazing, Masons, Illuminati and more. We'll proceed to discuss the design of life, life force energy and "bottom up organization" with Gregory Sams. Then, Gregory discusses his work on chaos theory and the insanity of government control, control freaks and regulation. We discuss how various aspects of life are choked by control and how it prevents growth and the self organizing order of things as they naturally are. Later, we return to talk about solar worship and love for the sun. Topics Discussed: design of life, quantum level, life force energy, prana, chi, self organization, bottom up organization, chaos theory, Vatican, Roman Empire, God, Pharoahs, popes, the fall of empires, USA, China, EU, farming, subsidies, bad meat, pharmaceutical companies, creation of the limited liability company, public liability company, less control and regulation, volunteer fire department, police, the stupidity of government control, diet, solar worship, sun church, love from the sun and more.


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Books & DVDs
Sun of gOd: Discover the Self-Organizing Consciousness That Underlies Everything
Uncommon sense - The State is out of Date

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