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Scott Stevens - Weather Wars, Chemtrails, Gulf Oil Spill & Environmental Destruction
July 1, 2010s
Scott Stevens, a former television weatherman, discovers global weather modification while looking into reasons for his diminishing forecast accuracy. He says this appears to have its roots in fulfilling politcal agendas. In this interview he talks about weather warfare, weather manipulation, chemtrails and the impact of geo engineering the climate. Scott Stevens is behind the website weatherwars.info. We also discuss the secret ongoing weather manipulating projects involving scalar waves, orgone energy and the big picture connected with this dark agenda. Topics Discussed: Tom Bearden, scalar waves, contrails, chemtrails, weather wars, weather modification, George Ure, orgone energy, global warming, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, cloud creation, acoustic blow out preventer control system, Matthew Simmons, peak oil, nukes, Halliburton, resonant geometry, morgellons, nanoparticles, bacteria, commercial airplane traffic, Alaska Airlines and more. We discuss the big picture behind weather manipulation, the connection to orgone energy and spiritual warfare in the second hour. We also talk about air traffic controllers speaking out about chemtrails. Then, we talk about the type of tools and weapons used to manipulate weather. Scott discusses how the ether is being wrecked. He also suggests that the technology of the elite is coming from the "outside". Later, we wrap things up talking about ORMUS water or Blue Water Alchemy, monatomic elements and the energy body. Topics Discussed: FAA, air traffic controllers speaking out, the ballet in the sky, Iceland volcano eruption, energy tools, scalar weaponry, Tom Bearden, resonance patterns, khymatics, orgone energy, Wilhelm Reich, Trevor James Constable, ether, elite getting technology from the outside, ET, dark agenda, ORMUS, orbitally rearranged monatomic elements, energy body, Rodin coil, Solfeggio tones, Earth, Blue Water Alchemy and more.


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