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Dave Derby & Neil Foster - Trilaterals over Ireland & Confronting David Rockefeller
June 17, 2010
We talk about The Trilateral Commission and the meeting they held in Dublin with Dave Derby and Neil Foster, both editors of the Sovereign Independent. The objective of the Sovereign Independent is to "provide critical news, information and education that the mainstream media often refuse to print regarding the direction Ireland is heading and its increasing loss of sovereignty and independence. We are providing this paper to the people of Ireland and the world to inform them of real issues that are affecting our future and the future of our children. We share well researched information regarding controversial issues that generally get ignored or trivialised by the mainstream media." They managed to stumble over David Rockefeller who attended the meeting and consequently confronted him at a hotel in Dublin. We talk about the confrontation with David and the Trilateral Commission. Topics Discussed: David Rockefeller, attack on Iran, Peter Sullivan, Lisbon Treaty Vote was fixed, the Trilateral Commission Meeting, Greece, Spain, one world currency, Euro, new world order, global currency, economic collapse, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Bilderberg Group, Kissinger, Frontline, censorship, pedophilia, Robert Green, Ann & Hollie Grieg, website hacked, chemtrails, vaccination, fluoridated water, sick and weak people, food, preperation, mylar bags and much more.


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The Trilateral Commission Dublin : 7th-9th May 2010
Mylar Bags

David Rockefeller

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Secrets, Spies and 7/7

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