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Wallace Thornhill - The Electric Universe, The Purple Dawn of Creation & Our Strange Solar System
March 11, 2010
Author and researcher Wallace Thorhill joins us to discuss his work and book "The Electric Universe". He has been working closely with David Talbot over at thunderbolts.info and he's one of the voices in the "Thunderbolts of the Gods" DVD. Previously we've had Donald Scott and Rens van der Sluijs with us on the program, also contributors to thunderbolts.info, now Wallace joins us for an excellent two hour program as we explore the exciting theory of the electric universe. Topics Discussed: Immanuel Velikovsky, The Saturn Myth, Ancient Solar system, Gravity, Electricity, Journal of Classical Physics, Einstein, the Electric Universe Theory, Quasars, Black Holes, The Standard Model of the Sun, Solar Activity, Anode, Glow Discharge, Photosphere, Magnetism, Twisted Pairs, DNA shape of a Galaxy, Dark Currents, Fractal, The Nature of Gravity, Infinite Speed, Nerve Signaling Speed, Tom Van Flandern, The Origins of the Universe, Longitudinal System, Tesla, Free Energy and more. Don't miss hour two coming up with Wallace Thornhill for Red Ice Members, a very interesting continuation as we talk about Deep Impact, Temple One, Comets, Gravity, Discharge, Lightning, Sprites, Earthquakes and the relationship between the Earth, the Sun, the Galaxy and the Universe. We also go into the very fascinating area of Proto-Saturn, Saturn as a Brown Dwarf, this is our origins, we talk about what Wall calls "the Purple Dawn of Creation" and where the mythology and stories comes from in terms of our ancient past with two suns. Our solar system used to be a Binary Star system. So what happened to Saturn, we can still see effects of that today with the rings of Saturn and the hexagonal glow at its poles? We talk about Venus, Mars, the Sun, The Moon and comet's. We also get Wall's take on the "Norway Spiral". We talk about Plasma Discharge, Time Travel and the search for E.T. as well.


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