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Alan Wilson & Baram Blackett - British and Welsh History, the Ancient Coelbren & the Khumry
February 11, 2010
Authors Baram Blackett and Alan Wilson are with us to talk about their 30 year research into the hidden British and Welsh history. They are the authors of King Arthur & the Charters of the Kings, The King Arthur Conspiracy, Moses in the Hieroglyphs, The Discovery of the Ark of the Covenant and The Trojan War of 650 BC. Their forthcoming book is called The Murder of Britain. They join us to talk about their research and the hidden history of the ancient world and the relationship between ancient civilizations. We talk about the Khumric Coelbren Alphabet and the Etruscan Connection. Topics Discussed: solid foundations, the land of charters, amulet, Quentin Hutchinson, history can be a paradox, King Arthur, linguistic divide, the banning of Welsh in Britain in 1846, invasion, King of Syria, Hittite King, Khumric people, second invasion by Brutus, Cardinal Baronius, Christianity, KHUMRI, deciphering the stone, Robert Williams, catastrophe, Holland (Holy Land), comet, Ogam alphabet, Barry Fell, Egypt, Britain, Aegean, Wallace Budge and more. We continue to talk with Alan Wilson in our members section about misdating and historical chronology. Also, we discuss the Ark of the Covenant. Then, Alan talks about cultural genocide and his excursion into the field. He shares his discoveries of constellations or astrological signs in the landscapes of Wales. We also talk about Alan's translation of the Etruscan Alphabet and Egyptian hieroglyphics. This is an interesting continuation that ties things together in regards to Alan and Baram's research. Topics Discussed: misdating, St Patrick, the eruption of Krakatoa, The Ark of the Covenant, Etruscan inscriptions, the Etruscan language, reading Egyptian hieroglyphics, the search for the grail, Greal, Sirius, Hercules, Capricorn and constellations or astrological signs in the landscapes of Wales.


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