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John Harris - The Corporate World of the Mind
January 14, 2010
Listen to this two-hour special with John Harris who runs the website TPUC.org and has been working with questions of lawful rebellion and how to break free from the corporate structured world of law, banking and the mind. This might be one of John's last radio appearances. Topics Discussed: messiah complex, understanding, realization, degree, end of the world, status, position, the brain, the mind, policies, keep the con alive, thoughts, point of realization, corporation, police, policy, political, mortgage, parliament, the church, court, temple, religion, Bible, the book of law, the questions of God, hierarchy, ministry, James the 1st, expelled, lore & craft, maze, common law system, machine, God, gold, oil, drugs, communion, God and Satan, law of oppression, William Pitt, acts of nature, Lloyd Blankfein, Goldman Sachs boss says banks do "God's work, Glaxo Kline Smith, homeopathic medicine, hemp, food, Human Rights Act Article 2, right to life, legalese, free energy devices, the Rothschild's, God-king, behind the curtain, status, money, the elite and much more.


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