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Aaron Kaplan - Operation Highjump, The Secret Diary of Admiral Byrd & The Nephilim Agenda
September 6, 2009
Aaron Kaplan has over thirty-five years experience in the Aerospace/Aircraft Industry civilian and military projects. He has performed work on all types of aircraft, including designing major parts for jet engines, including the rights to a patent received from Pratt and Whitney, Jet Engines Mfg. in Hartford, Connecticut. He has also been employed by such other companies such as Fairchild Republic, Grumman Aircraft, Sikorsky Helicopters. He also worked for EDO Corp., involving submarines, and Electro Visual Engineering, involving flight simulators (the newest 3-D type). He is the author of, "Deep Analysis Frightening Conclusions". Aaron exposes a universal plot where the governing bodies, historical scriptures, and clandestine operations all reveal one thing, an alien DNA/genetic experimentation performed through abductions on a massive scale that could leave humanity abandoned and then meet its demise in the year 2012. He makes correlations between the crash at Roswell, the Nephilim, DNA and genetics, Noah's Ark and the Deluge, alien abductions, the famous seeing eye on the dollar bill, the nuclear bomb, the Internet, and the recent mysterious deaths of hundreds of microbiologists. We begin the first hour talking about "Operation Highjump" and the Secret Diary of Admiral Byrd and his expedition to Antarctica. Topics Discussed: Roswell, Operation Highjump, Antarctica, Admiral Byrd, Kenneth Arnold, Nephilim, Nibiru, catastrophe, hollow Earth, Treaty WWII, advanced weaponry, new submarines, December 21st 2012, Annunaki, building of technology, Noah's flood, Truman & Roosevelt, UFO fleets, Admiral Byrd as a spy, North Pole expeditions, allies, treaties with aliens, the gamma G barrier, reptiles, the moon, Quetzalcoatl, Earth entering a black carbon belt, our Sun and magnetism, gamma rays and much more. In our second hour, Aaron ties together the loose ends and continues discussing his theory. Topics Discussed: Ark of the Covenant, the Book of Genesis, spear of destiny, Moses, weaponry, the Nile River, genetics, the Great Pyramid of Giza, burning bush, the race of Moses, bloodlines, the magic rod, Ethiopia, Gantenbrink's Door, The Passover, the missing pyramidion, triple pass of Nibiru, King David, King Solomon, Operation Solomon, Annunaki, alien abductions, banished ones, gamma G barrier, alien DNA, pure human DNA, microbiologists dying, new world order, the master, crystal city, beings on the moon, beings on Mars, nuclear timetable and much more.


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Books & DVDs
Deep Analysis: Frightening Conclusion

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