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Gary Biltcliffe - The Etruscans, The Mysterious Pelasgi, The Spirit of Portland & The Spine of Albion
July 12, 2009
Gary is an author and artist, researching earth mysteries and ancient civilizations. He leads international parties around the sacred sites of Britain, Ireland, and Europe. Gary is also a renowned dowser that uses his strong sense of the natural earth energies. This ability has led him to discover the importance of balancing the male and female energies both within ourselves and within the land. The term geomythics, first used by the late Anthony Roberts, refers to symbolic truths expressed through stories concerning natural features in the landscape. In other words, our ancestors left us a legacy of knowledge hidden within the folktales of sacred places, stories that have more than one meaning for those initiated to understand. Gary also works in an intuitive way with the elementals and spiritual guardians of each site using guided meditations and visualizations to re-awaken an inner understanding of our ancient roots and karmic connections with these sacred places. In this program, Gary discusses the legacy of the Etruscans, the mystery of the Pelasgians, the Spirit of Portland in UK and magnificent megalithic sites around the world. He also talks about Europe, Greece, Rome, Baalbek, Sumeria, Babylon and Egypt. Join us for a fascinating program! Topics Discussed: Roman sites, Roman architecture, 3000 B.C., Tuscany, volcanic eruptions, fertile soil, natural disasters, founders of Rome, Etruscans tutored the Romans then the Romans conquered the Etruscans, Etruscan religion, Tarcan, Celtic origins, the Cimry, language and the runes, Futhark, Pelasgians originators of the Etruscans, Phoenicians, Cosa close to Tuscany, ancient machinery & ancient technology, frequency, lasers, softening the stone, Puma Punku, the Roman conquering agenda, Phoenician means red head, Stonehenge, dagger on Stonehenge, bearded gods, Atlantis and more. In our members section, Gary Biltcliffe talks about the Spirit of Portland and the Spine of Albion. Topics Discussed: cone pyramid of La Cuccumella, labyrinths in Nordic countries, Labyrinth tomb of Porsenna Chiusi, pyramids in Greece, Italy and the Balkans, Ale Stenar, Tanum, Hällristningar, Nordic sea faring people, Nordic Atlantis, OPARTS, cataclysms, sedimentary layers & dating, history is political, Portland, Bal name, oriental style of stone head in Portland, Canaanites, pentagonal castle, long barrows, beehive chambers, sacred geometry, ratio of God, the golden ration 1.618, vesica Pisces in churches, the White family, Grimm's Law, Jutland, Judeans, lost tribes, Aryans, the White family in Bornholm, The Shining Ones, St Michael Line, fault line, Beltane, global awakening, sacred landscapes, "sacred land", E.T. ancient aliens, Nephilim, hollow earth, central sun, DNA and human origins. Don't miss this fascinating program.


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