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Cort Lindahl - Geomantic Information Systems
June 11, 2009
Cort Lindahl is a student in life, art, geography, archaeology, and music. He has studied Geomancy and Thomas Jefferson's use of Geomancy and Ley Lines to form a Township Grid. Cort has a strong interest in the occult and researching the influence of it on America's founders and leaders. He is also behind the website survivalcell.blogspot.com In this program, Cort discusses geomancy, Thomas Jefferson's use of geomancy and ley lines to form a township grid. He also talks about occult geography and cartography. Topics Discussed: the occult street plan of Chico, CA, the hexagon of Baalbek, Thomas Jefferson's occult township grid, Bohemian Grove, Williamsburg in Virginia, the Rockefeller array, Georgia Guide Stones, Burning Man, International Peace Garden, ley lines, occult rituals, Charles Mason, Lisbon line, the Mason-Dixon line and more.


Relevant links
Georgia Guidestones linked to "Fema Coffins"
The Geomancy of Burning Man; Set on Jefferson's Occult grid
Ley Lines, Geomancy and Thomas Jefferson
Georgia Guide Stones, Burning Man, Bohemian Grove all linked to Inernational Peace Garden
Williamsburg, Virginia; The Rockefeller Array
The Mason Dixon Line: The Alternative Explaination
Thomas Jefferson, the Occult and Bohemian Grove
A Facet of the Great Pyramid at Giza Vectors Directly to the Hexagon of Baalbek
The Occult Street Plan of Chico, California
Source, Soul and Body Glow

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