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Sandy Frost - The Corruption of the Royal Order of Jesters & Non-profit Organizations
May 24, 2009
Independent journalist Sandy Frost joins us to talk about the corruption and bizarre activities of the Royal Order of Jesters, a group within the Shriners, connected with Freemasonry. Topics Discussed: the beginning of the Jesters, Dan Herback, Judge Tills, John Edwards, The Shriners, wire tap snippets, The Book of the Play, The Rose Ceremony, 600 thousand dollar parties, masonic promises, The Billiken, Gary N. Martin, rituals, Secret Order of Brother's in Blood, child prostitution rings, international network, human trafficking, prostitutes, the medicine wheel, law of the land, maritime law, admiralty law, IRS, Eyes Wide Shut, drugs, power, money, corruption and perversity a mental or physical disease?, genetic disease, the cycle of abuse and much more. In the second hour, we discuss non-profit organizations, remote viewing, intuition based research and more on the corruption and bizarre activities of the Royal Order or Jesters. Topics Discussed: Sandy's coverage of non-profit groups for six years, the field of remote viewing, Paul H Smith, Vernon Hill, Jesters losing their non-profit organization status, animal spirits, wolf, baggers, diggers, beaver, synchronicity when it comes to documentation, the dream and nightmare of the USA, media blackout, mass media, joining groups, signing up for an agenda, accessing spiritual knowledge, Robert Morning Sky, astrological signs in the design of Washington D.C., phallus symbolism, masculine & feminine Energy.


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Books & DVDs
Shriners' Shame: The Dark Side of 'The World's Greatest Philanthropy'

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