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Edmund Marriage - Kharsag, Garden of Eden & Earth, Sun, Global Cooling
April 12, 2009
Edmund is the Principal of the Patrick Foundation and an Independent Researcher with a background in Business and Land Management. His Golden Age Project inspired by the work of Christian and Barbara Joy O'Brien promotes the recovery of past knowledge in order to resolve many of today's problems. Christian O'Brien devoted his retirement to researching the many enigmas of prehistory, surveying and he went on to discover from Early Sumerian and other ancient texts that the founders of agriculture and civilisation in the Near East c. 9,500 BC was a group known as the Annanage or Annunaki. Lecturer and alternative researcher Edmund Marriage joins us to discuss the Annunagi, Garden of Eden, Kharsag, Stars and Stones forum, global warming, the influence of the sun and much more. Topics Discussed: advanced civilization, cro-magnon, workshop & worship, Aryans, Indo-Europeans, snake cults in the ancient world, message of the Gods, remnants of a previous civilization, genetic engineering, Tiamat, purpose of the pyramids, Ninkharsag, Hadrian, George Barton and the Kharsag documents. In our second hour for members, Edmund begins talking about global cooling and global warming. Then, we discuss the magnetic field of the sun and the Earth. We also talk about exclusion of information, anthropogenic global warming, episodic cataclysm, sun and cloud formation, the chilling stars, volcanic eruptions, CO2, ice age, Mount Hermon and Göbleki Tepe as a place of refuge from comet debris. We end the program talking about neuro-therapy and electricity to help people with addiction problems.


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